Why advertisement of hair on women’s body are in discussion

_102277509_8a5c23fb-14d9-45a6-9bf1-033c71560874.jpg‘The hair is on everyone’s body.’

This is a very common thing, but in the US, debate is going on in this matter. In fact, in an advertisement of a razor, the woman has been shown shaving her body’s hair.

Showing shaving of women is not a very revolutionary scene, but in this advertisement, hair is also shown on the woman’s body, while usually women’s legs or other parts of the body are shown shave already.

The razor brand, Billy, who created this ad, says that for the first time in the last 100 years, the hair has been shown on the woman’s body for the first time, resulting in the fact that the ad has been viral.
‘It is very beautiful’
Many women are supporting this advertisement on social media. They are posting hair on their toes, hair falling under the arm, dense eyebrows, and hair on the stomach.

Instagram user @bigparadethrefown wrote, “It is very beautiful.” Another user @ hanguk0 has written that they do not use razors, but this advertisement is fantastic, they agree with it.

Billy’s co-founder, Georgina Goley, has told Glamor Magazine that all brands of women already show body without hair, it is a way of body-building in a way.

She says, “It shows that you feel ashamed when you have hair in the body.”

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Many women say that this ad has given them a new perspective on their body hair
Along with this advertisement, the company has also started an online campaign, which is to show that a woman should accept her natural form.

However, among such support some people are also raising questions on this razor brand. They say that after all, a razor company is trying to reduce the taboo on the body hair.

American website slate writer Rachel H. Hampton writes, “It is true that at this stage of life, I like the rest of my shaved legs, but I did not start it until the age of 11. I did not know that having hair on the body is in some way wrong. ”

He raises the question, “Is this company selling a razor really can say that it is not bad to have hair on the body?”

In response to this question, Billy Company says that whenever you wish to shave it, we are present for you.
Women are posting their photos in support of this advertisement
Not only this, it has also been shown at the end of the advertisement that not all women should shave their bodies completely.

“The shaving is also a personal decision and nobody has the right to tell women what they should do with their body hair,” says Goley, co-founder of Billy Company.

“Some of us want to remove these hairs, some keep them proud, no matter what we do, we do not need to repent or apologize for our choices.”

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