Which thing of this treasure

Last week, the selected photos came from around the world, especially for you. These pictures show the recent past.

This craze is of football. A football fan waits for a match between Panama and Tunisia in the ongoing Football World Cup in Russia. In this match, Tunisia defeated Panama 2-1.

However, nowadays, there is a patch of football, but these people are celebrating the impact of Nepal’s Lalitpur on the occasion of fifteen festivals. This is also called National Paddy Day. Rising rice crop starts in paddy fields when monsoon arrives from this festival.

This is not a fire ball but the fire in the woods of Great Britain in England. The moon is visible behind this forest. There was a need for 100 firefighters to extinguish this fire.

Due to torrential rains in Abjayan of Ivory Coast, people’s homes were broken. The girl in this picture is watching her broken house. The government appealed to people to leave flood affected areas.

A glimpse of the gay parade each year in Mexico.

Photographer Jane Barlow has captured a photograph of a fish hunting a fish in Scotland’s maritime area.

Post-fire scene in the Giacomo Market located in Central Nerobi, Kenya. This fire was taken in midnight and there was considerable loss of life. In this accident, 15 people were killed and 70 were injured.

This seems to be the treasure of soft toy. Soft toys are being made in a factory located in Linyi, China’s Shandong province.

Ship showing feats in the air The US Navy’s Flight Demonstrations Squadron, Blue Angels, shows the feat during the Vectron Daytonear show in Dayton, Ohio.

Hopefully! Become a fish in the depths of water. This spectacular scene is of Salthill Beach in Galway, Ireland where a man is ready to land in the lukewarm sun.

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