What did so Brazilian fans say to a Russian woman on which scourge happen

_102217745_foto2.jpgSoccer lovers around the world are camping in Russia to watch the World Cup. There is a growing peace between people of different nationalities and culture, and they are also making fun of this.

But a bad fun started with a Brazilian woman through some Brazilian soccer fans has now gone to abuse and violent comments.

In a video viral on social media, fans of Brazil appear to be calling a Russian woman with some objectionable words that do not mean those women do not know.

Apart from this, many more videos are being played on social media, in which fans from different countries can see Russian women abusing their native language.

After being viral of these videos, some people associated with right-wing groups in Russia have started criticizing these women.

People are writing abuses on these women’s Instagram account and VK account (social media site launched on the lines of Facebook in Russia).

Fans of Brazil fans
Some people who came to support their team from Brazil thought to make a video as a joke. The video contains a Russian woman among some male fans of Brazil, she is laughing at them and is trying to speak her language.

In the midst of the video, Brazilian fans blunt the Russian woman, calling them some of the most objectionable words of the Portuguese language.

The essence of these sentences was in a way connected to women’s genitalia. The Russian woman did not know the meaning of the sentence spoken in the Portuguese language.

Soon this video started running on social media site VK, and after that these women came to the target of Russian fundamentalist groups.

These women have been told to ‘The Pink Wayjina Group’ on some online pages run by the fans of Brazil to disturb women from fans.
An online page called ‘Pink Vejina’ which uses abusive words for women
After a while, thousands of people started commenting on these videos. Most of these comments were the abusive words spoken to these women, which were said only through men.

People who say abusive women say that this is the result of the foolishness of these women because of them the men of Russia are also being disreputed.

Although the woman in the video has deleted her VK profile, she has also made a distance from social media, but the details of women’s name, age, birthplace and home address etc. have already become public.

Not only that, many pictures of that woman have also been spread on social media.

‘I’ll cut your Uteras’
Similarly, a different kind of incident happened with Maria (fictitious name) living in St. Petersburg. They still do not understand the extent to which their life has changed in a few days.

She says, “We wanted to make a video for our friend’s birthday. I saw a young man wearing a jersey in Brazil and posed his picture with him. ”

“It was just a friendly behavior picture in which we were talking to each other by good, we kissed each other’s lips lightly.”

Maria did not find anything wrong in posting this simple picture on her VK page.
Russian women sharing pictures on social media with foreign football fans are threatening to kill them
But some people saw this picture and realized that they were ‘lip kissing’ one another. After this the people of the right wing started to say Maria online abusers. They accused Maria of making a very friendly relationship with foreigners.

Maria explains, “He wrote about me that he would cut my eaterus. He also added pictures of Khanghar, who looked like a weapon, with that picture. ”

Such abusive and scary comments continued on Maria’s feed all night, due to which she became very nervous.

She says, “I never thought that a normal picture would be so wild, I even deleted my post. Yes, some people may feel that picture wrong, but I did not like anything unusual in it. ”

There has been such a deep impact on Maria that they have to resort to a psychiatrist to get out of this.

She says, “I got to understand one thing that if someone treats us wrong with foreigners, then to what extent they can disturb us.”

“I am in very tense since this incident, I can not sleep properly. Whenever a new message arrives, I am scared, it seems like this message has come to those groups. ”


Union of cultures in Russia
Women MP’s warning
Tamara Plateva, senior parliamentarian of the Russian Parliament Duma, has issued a strong warning to the women of her country.

He said, “I am not a nationalist, but if our country is hosting the World Cup then I would like to say that Russian women should give birth to their own children.”

According to Platevae, during the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, the movement of single mothers had increased a lot. After that there is a big event in Russia now. Plateva says that they do not want to repeat the trend of 1980 once more.

Women’s insults on TVs and newspapers

In Russia, the word “Natasha” is a word of shame to women. This derogatory term was used for those girls and young women, who used to give a good job and sell them like sex sleeves.

The use of objectionable words for women in Russia is not limited to mere online media. They have been used on some newspapers and TV channels as well.

An article was published in the newspaper ‘Moskovsky Cosmomotes’ titled, “It is time for the shameless women: Russian women are spoiling themselves and the country’s name in the World Cup.”

In the same way, the issue was discussed in ‘Time Will Show’, which was broadcast on Channel One and questioned about the character of women, as well as about foreign men that they came here just to enjoy the holidays. .
Women are being cursed on Russia’s social media site, VK and are being warned that they do not go near foreign men.
… but also with some women
But there are some people who stand in support of these women of Russia, mostly among them, or bloggers, between this whole gang and attack.

Sports.ru website editor Yuri Dud wrote, “Russia’s women with whom they can have sex.”

Not only this, social media site VK has also demanded removal of posts and photographs in which violence and objectionable language have been used against women.

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