West Bengal: That book of Mamta Govt, on which ‘Mahabharat’ happen

_102270746_mediaitem102269593.jpgThe Mahabharata seems to be spreading in West Bengal’s politics about a book released by the Trinamool Congress government.

Given the general elections next year, Mamta Banerjee has released a 512-page book in which the state’s Trinamool Congress government has a record of achievements and performance of seven years.

But opposition political parties have criticized the government and the Chief Minister by describing it as a waste of public money.

By the way, the Left Front Trinamool Congress or the Left Front government is also printing publicity boards on the occasion of elections.

But for the first time a government has published such a big book for the promotion of its work.
Book of achievements
The book titled ‘Chronicles of Bengal’s Progress – 7 Years’ – “History of Bengal’s Progress – Seven Years”, has been published by the Ministry of Information and Culture of the State Government.

This Ministry is responsible for the Chief Minister. Its price is 100 rupees. But the state secretariat is sending a copy of its copy to all the media houses free of charge.

The book has written 13 pages long by the Chief Minister himself. After wearing this informal deposit, he wrote only Mamta in place of his name.

He did not mention his position and title. In the book, the Chief Minister has claimed that under his leadership West Bengal has been the top in many cases.

In the development and administrative sphere, where the government has planted many flags, this book of Mamta talks these achievements through photographs, statistics and colorful graphs.

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Political commotion
State opposition parties have criticized the government’s decision and described the book as a waste of public wealth.

They say that the Trinamool Congress is taking the political interest in this money.

Rabeen Deb, member of CPI (M) Central Committee, says, “The Chief Minister is ignoring ignorance issues like the death of farmers, lack of industrial development and rising unemployment.”

“Mamta is paying more attention to the resources of her political interests, especially for the government struggling financially, such a book is a waste of resources.”

Congressman Abdul Mannan raises questions on the justification of the publication of this book.

He says, “There is nothing new in the book. All the old plans have been put together.”

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‘Realization of popularity’
BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha says, “Mamta has become frustrated, she is feeling the end of her popularity.”

Says Sinha: “On one hand, they talk about the government’s financial hardships and on the other hand, they are promoting such wasteful expenses.”

Sinha says that due to the BJP’s strongness in the state, the Trinamool Congress government is spending so much money on the promotion of its functioning.

On the other hand, Trinamool Congress has denied the charges of the opposition.

Jury of State  and Rural Development Minister Subrata Mukherjee says, “The Chief Minister has already said that the focus of Trinamool Congress election campaign will be on development, this book is a step in that direction.”

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