‘We will not allow Nitish uncle to come even in our own house’

_102285741_a8bcdc3e-b114-4fae-9687-4f8342427ce6.jpgLalu Prasad Yadav’s son and former Bihar health minister, Pratap Yadav has said that he will not allow Nitish uncle to come to his house in Patna. According to the report of The Times of India, Sharad Pratap, talking to the journalists in Patna, said that for the Nitish uncle, the board of No Entry will be put out of 10, Circular Road bungalow.

In the media reports recently, it was said that Nitish Kumar is feeling uncomfortable with the alliance with the BJP and the Congress party, the RJD allies in Bihar, agrees to take them back in the coalition. But when reporters asked Sharad Pratap Yadav about this, he said, “How is it possible to enter the Maha coalition when we do not allow him to enter his house?” Earlier, the former Deputy Chief Minister and the younger brother of the fast-hearted person, T.Chakshy Yadav, has said that the path for the Nitish has been closed by the alliance.

Details of assets of Supreme Court judges
According to the Indian Express, only 12 judges out of the 23 judges of the Supreme Court have made public their details public. According to the information released on the website of the Supreme Court, all the judges who give details of the properties have their own land. Whereas two top judges do not even have their own cars. The Supreme Court website also has details of 44 former judges properties.

The judges who gave the details of the property included Chief Justice Deepak Mishra and other four judges in the college. After the Chief Justice, the most senior judge, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, gave details of selling the land of Rs 65 lakh in Guwahati. In one of the decisions issued in 1997, the Supreme Court made it mandatory for all the judges to give details of the property of their life partner and dependent people.

500 rupees were working on daily sukanta killed by the crowd
Sukanta Chakraborty, who was killed by the mob in the suspicion of kidnapping the child in Tripura, was working for the government on five hundred Rupees daily. According to the report of The Indian Express, Sukanta Chakraborty was working to make people aware about rumors in rural areas. On June 28, the crowd had beaten him dead. Some young people stopped the 33-year-old Sukantha and his party, who were making people aware of the loudspeakers against the rumors, in Kalachharra area and said they were not aware of the ground reality. According to the police, four people have been arrested in connection with the murder of Sukanta.

Minister’s son beaten for not giving way for car

In Banswara, Rajasthan, the son of a minister of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has come out with a video of beating a person for not giving way to his car. According to the report of ‘Hindustan Times’, this incident is one June, but the video has become public on Saturday. In the video, Panchayati Raj and Minister of State for Rural Development, Dhan Singh Rawat, Raja stopped appearing in a SUV car and stabbing them out of their SUV car. The other people along with the king also beat the person riding the swift car. However, the police has not taken any action in this case.

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