Story: ‘So I figured out that my husband has the second wife too’

_102257012_f9f83174-9e13-401b-bca0-4940749092a1.jpgBritain’s Ew Gibnis had been 17 years of marriage and life was laughing happily when her husband suddenly behaved in a strange way. Here he is telling how he became a detective and how he came to know that his husband also had a second life –

I and Maurice were first met in the city of Lagos in Nigeria in 1995. That was Friday night.

We both went to a club. I went to work as a nursing officer and he was working with a construction company. We met near a table of swimming pool.

It was the attraction of the first glance.

While leaving, I accidentally gave my wrong phone number, so we did not talk about it. But fortune mixed us once again and after that it became impossible to separate us.

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Things went very fast and we got married within three months.

Both of us were already experienced in relationships, so we did not have much problem in getting married.

After two years of marriage we had a son I already had a son and she was going to be examined, so I returned to Britain to help her.

Everything was fine till then.

Our relationship was successful because it was appropriate for us. This is not a traditional wedding where you live together for twenty four hours.
Excitement of depression
I went to the UK well, but we used to keep sending messages to each other throughout the day. My friends used to say that people who live together as much as we do, do not even do it.

In 2011, he went to Oman and I stayed in Britain. That’s where their behavior began to change.

He said that there is a lot of pressure on his work, so he will not be able to come home as soon as he used to come first. It did not make me doubt, but our relationship was definitely impressed.

They told me that they are battling depression and they are having trouble staying in Oman.

I now understand that they used to dramatize the depression so that I leave them alone and sympathize with them.

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They said they would come home on Christmas in 2012. His phone came on 22nd and he said, “I do not want to take the airport. I am not coming. I am very depressed, I am consulting with a counselor and he has refused to come home.”

After all he came home in January, but he refused to talk about his depression. After this there was a lot of conflict between us and he left the house and went away. Then I saw them directly in the court.

He came home from the car and went back to the car itself. I thought they would come back, but they did not come nor did they pick up my phone.

I was worried about them so I phoned the company from which they car hire. A woman picked up the phone and she told that she has returned the car.

The woman said, “I remember, they hired a car car on Christmas too, then they took the most expensive car and this time the cheapest car.”

Suspect from a photo
Then she said, “I can help you, maybe they had told me somewhere in the West Midland.”

Then he gave me that address because I had expressed concern about his mental health.

I do not think that without the help of that lady, I could ever find out about their second marriage. I never got a chance to say thank you.

I looked at the address given to him and called him there. The phone did not fit, there was a voicemail in its place.

Then I met with a few friends to find out that there is a man who works in Muscat (capital of Oman) at that address.

I thought that he would have a friend of this and he would have been upset with the Depression and went there.

I thought that they are very depressed and they do not have enough capacity to offer the other and hide them. So at that time I did not doubt them.

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After all, I spoke to Maurice and I said that if he can leave his family without leaving his child, then he has no right to be a part of my family. After this I started the process of divorce.

I had seen a picture of their sisters on Facebook in 2013.

In the picture, one of his sisters had wear ‘fashioninator’ (hat wearing worn in weddings). Seeing that picture, a doubt was born in my mind and he could not doubt it.
‘What is your relationship with Maurice?’
Seeing that picture, I also asked one of my friends, where Maurice did not have a second marriage.

I knew how strange my question was. My friends also laughed at this question and said that I am talking about laughing. Until one year of this incident, I did not know the truth.

After some time, I did not know what I called once again to the number given to the woman and showed me like I was speaking to the car company where Maurice used to hire a car.

The phone picked up by a man. I asked him, “Can you tell me what is your relationship with Maurice?”

“I’m their brother.” The answer came from there.

I kept the phone and called again after some time. The phone picked up by a woman.

This time I gave my true introduction and said, “I do not understand why he told us Maurice’s saliva.”

“Because they got married to my sister.” The woman answered.

I remember, hearing the answer, I started trembling loudly. I placed my hands on my hand holding the phone so that the phone did not move.
‘I am his wife’
By controlling myself, I asked him, “Are these the same Maurice that are from Liverpool?” And then I gave them details.

The answer came from “Yes, the same Maurice, who are you?”

I said, “I am his wife.” Then on the other side, there was absolutely silence.

Whatever happened, I did not trust him. Despite marrying me, how could she marry someone else? But I had to move forward as a woman and as a mother.

At that time I did not know anything about Maurice’s second relationship. I did not even know when she had second marriage That’s why I told all this to my lawyer.

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Then the same question, who will marry this girl?
If you get money, will you marry the disabled?
Maurice told his family that he had divorced me.

After a few days, at midnight suddenly I felt that I had to know more about this.

I went to Facebook, searched the woman and saw that she had put a profile picture with Maurice.

In the picture she was wearing her wedding dress and was kissing my husband. I saw that they had married in 2013, i.e. two months after Maurice’s arrival.
Why did he go on the road of waste?
It is difficult for me to say in words how I was feeling at that time.

I told the judge and the police about this. After the investigation, it was proved that he had done ‘Bygami’ (marrying another while living in a marriage). He was sentenced to six months in jail and suspended for two years.

His second wife was also cheated. When Maurice met that lady, she told herself divorced.

I wrote a letter to the woman along with all the papers. I wrote, “I am sorry that such a marriage has happened to you. I am sure it is very difficult for you to read it as much as for me.”

Why did Maurice ruin his family? Our son has not seen his father in the past six years.

I do not know why he did not say directly because he wants to divorce me. Why did he go on the road of waste? I will never know.

In the last verdict, the judge proved 56 cases of fraud on him. Maurice never gave me full compensation.

They lied about their salaries, lied about your bank account. They lied repeatedly. I went to court again.
All these things have been loaned to me on the other hand. I’m a nurse and I do not have so much money. The court asked Maurice to give me the money, but they have not given me that money till now.

I am thankful that now they are not in our life. Maurice is the same person whom I and my children loved, but they betrayed us every time.

I do not want to hate them. I do not want to feel anything for them.

Now I have found someone who understands me and my children. She is very cute and keeps me very happy.

(Ive told Gibney his full story to  correspondent Jim Taylor)

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