Story of Naura: Rape, murder of husband and apology


In the life of Naura Hussein of 19 years, it finally became a ‘miracle’, where his parents were sitting. Now Naura will not be hanged.

Naura is the same girl who killed her husband who tried to rape her life. In an attempt to kill her husband, an Islamic court in Sudan had sentenced her to death but now she will not be punished. A Sudan court has overturned the verdict of his execution.

Naura’s mother Zainab Ahmed told the BBC that she is happy that her daughter’s life survived.

Forced marriage was done
Naura was second in her eight siblings. His village al Bagher was not far from the Nile River. According to Naura’s mother, her daughter was always calm and intelligent. He said, “Naura was a great warrior. He wanted to study law.”

Naura’s father had a small shop which would have spent the time of his studies as usual and he was happy with it. Things changed suddenly in 2015 when 32-year-old cousin of Nauri Abdul Rahman Muhammad Mohammed proposed to marry him. At that time, Naura was only 16 years old.

Naura was not ready for marriage at that time but his father and relatives pressurized him.

Did not want to be close to husband
Girls in Sudanese society get married soon. Naura’s father said that she does not want her to be pregnant illegally. He was finally married.

Immediately after the marriage, Nouri did not want to have a foster relationship with her husband. CNN’s report mentions Naura’s testimony in which it has been said that in the first week of marriage, they prevented Abdul from coming closer.

Nauri used to cry, she stopped eating and drinking and when Abdul was sleeping, she tried to escape from the house.

How rape this is and what kind of debate
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According to CNN’s report, on the ninth day, Abdul entered into the house with some of his relatives, and together they torn the clothes of Naura. Abdul has raped Naura in association with his relatives.

What happened that day?
The next day, Abdul again tried to rape. This time he picked up the knife because he wanted to kill himself. There was a clash between Abdul and Nouri and Abdul cut them from the tooth on the shoulder. After this, Nouri knocked Abdul to death.

After killing a knife, he fled to his parents’ house and later Abdul was killed.

Naura’s mother says that after rape, she herself was hated and she wanted to kill herself, but on that day luck got overturned and she stabbed Abdul in the knife.

After all wins
Sharia (Islamic law) was considered deliberate in the law and Naura was sentenced to death in this case. As news of Nura’s punishment came in the media, human rights and groups working for women started condemning it.
Posting posts on social media #JusticeforNoura to save them This campaign was also extended by stars such as Emma Watson and Naomi Campbell, and it started discussing around the world.

When Amnesty International asked the Sudanese judiciary to write an email to her supporters, they had so many emails that they had to change their e-mail address.

Ultimately, victory took place in Naura and Sudan’s court overturned the verdict of his execution. Now Naura will be only five years in jail.

(With the inputs of Megha Mohan, Graphics: Katie Horvich)

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