Prisoner in filmy style ran in helicopter from prison in paris

_102280069_4608fe91-332a-4d24-b897-257e21db525f.jpgParis has been freed from prison in a notorious gangster film. The incident is from a prison in the Paris area, from which he was freed from the helicopter. The French authorities have confirmed this incident.

In the open part of the jail for the Raiduan Fiday 46 years, three helpless colleagues descended from a helicopter and took them away.

Fade received 25 years of imprisonment in the case of futile robbery, a police officer was killed in that incident.

The police believe that the mastermind of the robbery that took place in 2010 was fading. Fade received punishment for that robbery in April 2017.

Cartoon: Cash today, fleet again
From where the fishermen are fired from the fired helicopter
The fidayr has already been freed

This is the second time when they broke the prison. In 2013, they were firing four guards with human shields and breaking many doors. However, after six weeks the police managed to catch them.

Then they were able to get fugitives in less than half an hour after coming to the prison in northern France.

According to the report of French website Europe 1, FIDE and his colleagues escaped without any injuries, and no net was found there.

The fighter’s helicopter flew towards the nearby Burja Terrain area. Later the local police got the helicopter burnt debris.
A sketch of fade built during a trial on February 27, 2018
Criminal history of fidaye

Born in 1972, the fad grew up in the infamous crime-ridden suburbs of Paris and then joined the world of crime.

In the 1990s, he used to run a gang of robbery and recovery and in 2001 he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for robbery.

Last year, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for breaking the jail in 2013.

Fade wrote a book in 2009 In this, he told about his experiences of the world’s crime-infested suburban city of crime and crime.

In the book, he claimed that he had left the world of crime but after one year he joined the failed dacoity for which he was kept in the Sen-E-Mann jail.

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