People on streets against the migrant policy of Trump

_102272449_160dbc10-1064-4ff8-a524-a7f70e0ab219.jpgThousands of people in the United States can join in protests against President Donald Trump’s strict immigration policy.

There is a plan to organize more than 630 programs to unify the separated migrant families.

Trump had issued an executive order to eliminate its disputed policy on migrants, even though 2,000 children are still living apart from their parents.

President Trump had to bow down because of pressure in and outside the country, due to the controversial immigration policy.

Trump had created a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy regarding illegal immigrants from America through Mexico. Under this, their children were being separated from their parents on which criminal cases were going on.

Trump changed controversial immigration policy, family will now live together
USA: Increased controversy over migrant children’s pictures, rules change?
United States Human Rights Council

After the dispute, Trump stopped this policy through an executive order.

Despite the order to keep families together at the Migrant Cemetery Center, people say that the order of the trump has not affected the families which have been separated.

From May 5 to June 9, 2,342 children were separated from their parents. At the beginning of this week a California judge had ordered that all families be together in 30 days.

Correspondent David Willis in Los Angeles says that the largest exposure in the United States can be for immigrants. There is a lot of differences in the US policy regarding Trump policy.

What are the protesters?
People from all major cities of America have been urged to unite with the hashtags ‘Family bolung Together’ slogan. Organizers say that they want to give a strong message to President Trump.

The website of the agitators says that the order of the court is not enough in this case. They say that apart from bringing the children along with parents, the arrest of migrants should also be closed.

Who will be involved in protest?
Organizers say thousands of people may be involved in protests. Everyone has been requested to perform peaceful demonstrations in white clothes. The major march in Washington DC.

Ana Gelland, who is involved in this movement, says different programs will be organized in 50 states. However, this is not the first time in this case. On Thursday, 600 women were arrested in protest against the government’s expatriate policy.

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