Oscar Tabrez: A football coach of 70 cross walk with support of a stick

_102284684_79e8987d-5dee-4daa-9604-d8ac4720f199.jpgSouth American team Uruguay defeated Portugal 2-1 in one of Europe’s most powerful teams in Saturday’s second knock-out match of the ongoing World Cup Soccer World Cup in Russia.

At the time when the Uruguay team was being celebrated in the dressing room after the victory, the team manager told in an interview to Reuters news agency, “We should have kept the ball up to more time. Fest time was with the ball of Portugal, something to do. ”
These are 71 year old Uruguay team manager Oscar Washington Tabrez Silva, who is known for his sharp criticism of his team.

However, the players of the team love their good looks. His favorite friend of coach Oscar Tabrez says in a joke, “Oscar is a master of primary school before coming into the game, so he has a ‘masters’ habit.”

12 years long undisputed career
In the 60-70s, Oscar Tabrez has been a 12-year-long undisputed career as a senior football player. People see them as a settled person.
But the experience of managing their team is much more detailed than this. In nearly 30 years of coaching career, he has managed large football clubs in Colombia, Argentina, Italy and Spain.

Oscar Tabrez manager of AC Milan, who is considered as the mainstream club in Italy, has been on the Zuben and is also a resident.

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Fighting ‘Gilan About Syndrome’
Oscar Tabrez was born on March 3, 1947. About two decades ago, the Oscars had a physical problem called ‘Gullen Bar Syndrome’ (GBS).

Due to this syndrome, the muscles of the muscles begin to weaken and occasional difficulty in breathing.

Over the past few years Oscar Tabrez’s health has deteriorated rapidly and the effect of this syndrome on his body is clearly visible.
This is the reason why the Oscars appear standing with the support of a stick outside the field during the match. But their enthusiasm for their team and football does not allow any kind of problem to be revealed.

Since the end of 2006, Oscar Tabrez is the coach of the Uruguay team. His Uruguay team has qualified for the World Cup four times in a row and once reached the semi-finals.

In the Soccer World Cup in Russia, in 2018 Group Stages, no team could score a goal against Uruguay.

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9th jersey story
Oscar Tabrez said after the victory over Egypt in Group Stage in Uruguay, “If the ball is inside the goal or away from the target, we should always keep thinking about scoring goals. I am happy with him, however, he will have to emphasize to reach the semi-finals from the last 16. ”

Oscar Tabrez is the world’s fifth football manager who has managed the same team in four World Cup tournaments (1990, 2010, 2014 and 2018).

Before this, in this event, Walter Winterbottom of England, Josef Herberger of Germany, Helmut of Germany and Lösch Bartory of Hungary.
File photo of Oscar Washington Tabrez Silva
In Uruguay, football lovers consider points ‘9’ as the best and ‘Lucky Number’ for this game. This was the reason that when Oscar Tabrez played for Uruguay, his jersey was number 9.

And this is why today Uruguay’s most star player Louis Suarez also wears a 9th jersey.

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Concern about Kavani

Oscar Tabrez has said on several occasions in the past few years that Louis Suarez and Edison Kawani have taken the game of Uruguay to the next level.

However, due to injury to the 31-year-old Edison Kawani in the match played against Portugal on Saturday, Oscar Tabrez is slightly worried.

He said, “Kawani’s injury is a matter of great concern for the team. Kawani has a very short time to recover. We are trying to find out how serious his injury is.”
In the match against Portugal, Uruguay’s player Edinson Kavani had complained of muscle strain. Portugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo gives support to Kawani in the 75th minute of the game
Nonetheless, Uruguay’s football team has been the winner of the soccer World Cup in the 1930s and 1950s.

Uruguay’s next match for France is in this World Cup semi-final. These matches will be played in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod field.

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