More girls were selected in Bihar Police, ‘Anger march’ of boys

_102263336_filephoto-physicaltrainingprovidedbyhazbhavan-6.jpgWomen have achieved tremendous success in restoration for the post of Sepoy in Bihar.

This is the first time that women have come to the polls in more than two-thirds of the restoration of Bihar Police.

On 11th June the results of 9,900 sepoys were recovered. For these posts 6,643 women and 3,196 men have been selected. That is, women have been selected in 67.52 percent posts. While men were only elected to 32.48 constituency posts.

In January 2016, the Bihar government had decided to give 35 percent reservation to women in all types of government jobs. This reservation was already in force in the custody of the police.

But Bihar Director General of Police K.S. According to Dwivedi, it is possible to choose between two-thirds of women in the examination of this time, not on reservation but on the basis of their qualifications.

He told , “There is no need to conserve the reservation of women belonging to scheduled caste women except for women of any other category. This means that the number of vacancies in each class has been selected by women, thanks to their merit. ”

Dwivedi says, “It is not that this time, in the parameters of eligibility for women, there has been some relaxation against the earlier. The selection process is the same for both. But the test of physical efficiency, its criteria are slightly different. And it’s already so. ”

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Successful women and their motto
Anshu Kumari, who has been living with the seeds of Begusarai district, has also been selected as a constable.

Anshu Kabaddi is a National Level player He said, “I have to work very hard to come here. Due to sports connections, preparing for physical exams was easy for me. But for the written examination, I had to work hard. ”

Anshu says, “When I see my side, I find women very vulnerable. I would like them to not feel this way with my efforts. ”

Bhajanpur’s Afreen Gajala and Katihar’s princess Najj are also among thousands of girls who managed to become a soldier this time.
Afreen Gazala and princess Naj (right)
At Patna College Gate he met both of them. Both were happy on the face. At the same time, his self-confidence was clearly telling the story of his success.

Afreen said, “There is a lot of evil in our society right now. If the common people do not get the facilities they should get, then we thought that we can help the common people by going to the police department. ”

Afrin and princess Najj feel that after joining the police they will be able to help poor and weak people.

Both of them have the opinion that daughters should not be considered weak. They should not be confused with the doctrines of the society.

The princess said that if girls get a chance to read, they will definitely do something.

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Presence of Muslim women
Dozens of other Muslim women, like Afrin and princes, have also been selected in the recruitment of the Sepoy posts.

The selection of Muslim women in the police force is also very special because in the first police there were only one-and-a-half Muslim women.

Because of the reasons for the absence of police force, uniform, night-day duty, women from many Muslim families were shy about joining the job of compassion.

But the Muslim women are gradually being restored directly into the police force, along with the changing views of these young women, Muslim society, have been possible with the help of Bihar Government.

Bihar Government’s Minority Welfare Department has a plan. State Minority Coaching Scheme Under this scheme, coaching is also provided by Bihar State Haj Committee for the restoration of police in Haj Bhawan, Patna along with other examinations.

Haj Bhawan has provided coaching for the unhygienic girls for physical examination this time. Of these, 56 girls were successful.

Mohammed Rashid Hussain, CEO of Bihar State Haj Committee, points out, “Our efforts till date have been very successful. Even earlier, Muslim women have got success in coaching like posts like prison police, fire police, driver in Bihar police. We are interested that this effort should be expanded. Right now we prepare for physical examination. In the coming days, we will start preparing for the written exam. ”
Mohammad Rashid Hussain, CEO of Bihar State Haj Committee
Although the success of women is still in discussion after another three weeks, there is a second reason. Demonstrating continuous performance while demanding cancellation of these challenging results.

Nearly a dozen protests have been performed under the banner of the Bihar Police Unfair Candidate Sangh.

On Wednesday, when unsuccessful Candidates performed brilliantly on Patna’s busiest Chowk (Dak Bangla Chairah), their dharna is still going on in Gardanibagh.

One of the leaders who led these protests, Punpun Yadav is accused of rigging the police department.

He says, “According to the rules of advertisement for the restoration of Bihar Police, the result should have been removed but the Bihar government has issued a one-sided result in favor of girls. The boys received the cut-off but they were not selected in the merit list. Merit list is rigged. This is the subject of investigation. ”

The unsuccessful Candidates have challenged this result in the High Court.

According to Punpun Yadav, the court has accepted this petition.

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There is no difference with the arrival of more girls
Though Bihar Director General of Police K.S. Dwivedi dismisses these allegations at the earliest.

He says, “Failure is the reason for his opposition. Policy, rule, process is the time of advertisement of the vocation. At that time nobody had opposed. Girls have come to work hard. They should be welcomed. The reason for the success of women is that awareness among them has increased. This time he also took part in the examination. The final selection is now on the physical fitness test. In this, women received more marks. So he got more selection. ”
Bihar Director General of Police K.S. Dwivedi
On the other hand, there is a discussion in Dabi Jubo in the police department that more women will be affected by the arrival of women.

It is being said that how much work like night duty, raiding can be left to women’s trust.

KS Dwivedi says, “I do not agree with this. This is a symbol of male dominant mentality. We have not seen the first women in such a large number. But it will not make any difference. “

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