Mexico Election: Who will become President to face Trump?

_102279006_1068fbd4-3752-4750-85b1-171bf928f19b.jpgThere are elections to be held in Mexico on Sunday, every six years since 1929, there are presidential elections in Mexico. However, in all the elections so far, only the two main parties of the country won only male candidates from PAN and PRI.

But this time, these presidential elections in Mexico are very special in many ways.


Wall on the US-Mexico border
1. The largest election in the history of Mexico
This time, the number of people who vote in Mexico is about 9 million. There are also many candidates who have their own stake in elections.

Most views will be on presidential candidates. According to the National Election Institute of Mexico, elections are being held for a total of 1800 posts.

Elections for the lower house and the Senate all the seats are being held in Congress There are also elections to the state Congress and Mayor’s posts in 30 of Mexico’s states.
Surprising Security at Polling Stations
Not only that citizens living in eight states of Mexico City will also vote for the post of governor.

It can be said that regardless of whether any party wins, at least federal, regional and local level governments will definitely change.

José Antonio is the presidential candidate from the PRI party, which is now ruling on power.

Mexico warns Trump on ‘wall spending’
The wall will soon be built on the border of Mexico: Trump

José Antonio is presidential candidate on behalf of the PIO party, on the power of power
2. Mexico is ready for a major change
Since the establishment of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in 1929, this party has ruled Mexico’s politics for a long time. From 1929 to 2000, for the total 71 years the party’s candidates remained president.

In 2000 this party was broken by the Orthodox Party National Action Party (PAN), and then the party remained in power for the next 12 years. First Vincent Fox and then Philip Calderon became president.

During these 12 years the Government of Mexico started the campaign against drugs.

But for the first time in entire history of Mexico, it seems that in the election of 2018, no other candidate than PRI and PAAN could register.

The name of this candidate is Andres Menuel Lopez Obadar. The 64-year-old Andres is a leftist leader, who say they will bring a revolution in Mexican politics.

If they win in these elections, it will be like a major earthquake in Mexico’s politics, because at any point in time, the number of voters in Mexico has never seen the governance of any other party president other than the PRI or the PAAN.

Mexico and America will build wall

Supporters of Andrés Menuel Lopez Obadar are making different efforts to popularize them.
3. Special for Mexico
In the World Cup Soccer World Cup in Russia, when Mexico’s team showed great sport against Germany in their very first match, the whole world celebrated Mexico’s fans.

Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and is a big exporter of oil. But the rising corruption and the violence across the country have brought a great deal of harm to Mexico’s economy.

The country’s growth rate has slowed down and this is the reason why the people of Mexico are angry with President Pena Nitoto.

Apart from this, Mexico has been shrouded in international news for two reasons, the first is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the other reason is the issue of migration. Both of these issues are related to USA.

People hoping for shelter in America
Football World Cup 2018: Mexico defeated Germany

Mexico’s Soccer Fans
4. Country on the target of Trump
American President Donald Trump’s policy against Mexico is already clear in front of the whole world.

Trump had said during his election campaign that people of Mexico crossed the border and entered the USA and brought drugs along with them. At the same time he also called these people of Mexico as criminals and rapists.

Trump is also building a wall on the border of USA and Mexico, which they want to pay for Mexico.

Recently, Trump has criticized Mexico over the migration issue. He has said that Mexico is not taking appropriate steps to prevent migrants from Central America from entering the United States.

It is necessary to see how the new President of Mexico will deal with the US president, along with the remaining relationships of Mexico and the United States on the wall of the border on the Nafta and the border.
American President Trump Opposed in Mexico
Among the candidates for the presidential post, the most criticism of American President Trump is left by leftist leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obadder, also known as Emlo.

Many analysts believe that Emllo’s policy against Trump can give him the victory in the presidential election.

But it is not that the rest of the candidates are behind this matter. Criticism of Trump’s policy of keeping the migrants separated from their parents is the most criticized conservative candidate Ricardo Anaia. He has said that this policy of Trump reminds him of the policy of the Nazis in World War II.

At the same time, Caste party candidate José Antonio Meade has criticized Trump’s recent tax increase on Mexico’s steel.

In a tweet he said, “Do not play with Mexico. We will save our jobs, market and workers. ”
In Mexico, the American President Trump is being opposed against the immigrants
5. Destructive years
The year in Mexico is full of tremendous violence. In the violence caused by different reasons, about 25 thousand people have been killed in official statistics.

Politicians also could not escape the fire of this violence. A total of 133 politicians were murdered till the end of the election campaign on June 28, when candidates were nominated in September.

Dying leaders are candidates in most local positions. At the same time, leaders who have campaigned in those areas have also been killed, where the groups selling drugs are more active.

Before voting, most voters say that they want a moratorium on this period of violence. But how to rein in this challenge will be standing in front of the next president of Mexico, who will take oath of office on December 1.

People protest against the migratory policy of Trump
Donald Trump will send troops to Mexico border

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