Kashmir: When the son’s dead body came in front of doctor father

_102276917_doctorabdulganiposwalfather1.jpgLast Friday, Dr. Abdul Ghani got a phone call to return to the hospital at around 4 pm.

Then they did not even think that their own son had died in the hospital and he would have to declare him dead.

Five injured were admitted to Rajpura hospital in Pulwama district of India-administered Kashmir.

Among the injured were Doctor Ghani’s son, who was shot.

When Doctor Ghani returned to the hospital, he saw his son’s body there.

His fifteen year old son Fazan was shot in an encounter between Indian army and extremists in Pulwama.

On Friday, when the army and extremists were encountering, hundreds of stone-bearers were throwing stones at the army. These included Faisaan also.

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Fifteen years of Faisal’s death was due to the shootout of the security forces.
In response the security forces pelted and shot at protesters. Many protesters were injured in this.

‘Your son is no longer in this world’
About this, the police say that five civilians were shot in cross-firing during the encounter, in which one died.

Fasan was buried in Goswanapora on Saturday. Dr. Ghani is accused of being shot in the heart of Faisaan.

He says, “My son Faizan was taken to another hospital nearby and he was brought to my hospital around five o’clock when I received a phone call, I was on the way, I did not reach the house. When I reached the hospital, after seeing the three injured, I referred them to Srinagar. Two wounded were pelted. ”

Doctor Ghani says, “My colleagues of the Awastal started comforting me, when I asked what happened, they told that your son is no longer in this world, seeing the son’s body, I got broken, but the courage has to be kept.”

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Doctor Ghani wrapped his son’s corpse in a white sheet and headed towards the house. He says, “I never thought I would see my son’s body in my own hospital. My son was shot in the heart. These targets will be Killing. If he had been shot in the leg or elsewhere, then he would have saved him, but his death had only happened on the spot. ”

Recalling the events of the day, Dr. Ghani says, “I had asked the son in the morning that if he would go to school or not, he had said that today is Zuma, it will be a half day holiday, so I will not go. You have been resting at home, I am going to work, this was the last thing to my son. ”

Doctor Ghani says that he feared that Faisal would not be involved in demonstrations after Juma prayers. He says, “My heart was getting disturbed from within. I was waiting all day long to go home and eat with my son and family. ”

Fizan, 15 years old, was practicing since childhood in youth. Doctor Ghani says that in recent months, he started living quite serious about the issue of Kashmir. With age, his political and social understanding was also growing.

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‘Restlessness over increasing extremism’
He says his son was feeling connected with the issue of Kashmir’s independence for the last six months. Fazan was also restless about the growing extremism and violence in Kashmir.

According to Doctor Abdul Ghani, “He used his opinion on the actions of the army and used to ask that pellet is run on ordinary people in Kashmir, those who are not guns in the hands of innocent people, But nobody talks about this issue. ”

In recent years, the period of violence in Kashmir has started, fifteen years old Faisal has also been killed in it.

Now there are voices of crying from her house. The mother has forgotten her while doing her memories.

There is nothing new about killing a civilian in an Indian-administered Kashmir bullet bullet. According to official figures, during the encounter with extremists in 2017, 78 demonstrators were shot dead by security forces.

The series continues in 2018 and till now dozens of people have been killed in such incidents.

The governor’s rule in Kashmir at this time and the unstable political conditions have made the environment more turbulent.

The Indian Army had made a one-sided ceasefire in the month of Ramzan which ended after the Eid. In the last fifteen days, nearly a dozen extremists have been killed in the encounter with the army.

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