Hitler’s associate’s daughter used to work in the German intelligence department

_102270169_e6b80c9a-a551-4a9d-aa47-7284a892bb37.jpgHeinrich Himmler’s daughter, senior Nazi party leader of the Nazi Party, was hired in 1960 in West Germany’s Foreign Intelligence Agency (BND). This is confirmed by German officials themselves.

Heinrich Himmler’s daughter was named Gudrun Burwitz. After his death at the age of 88, the German newspaper Build made the first information about Gudrun who worked in Germany’s Foreign Intelligence Agency.

Gudrun’s father, Henrik German dictator Hitler, was a great ally and he was also the chief strategist of the massacre in Germany. He committed suicide in the police custody in 1945.

When the Second World War ended, Gudrun was a teenage girl.
Gudrun Burwitz continued to work for the upliftment of the Nazis, who died in May this year.
After his death in Munich last month, on Friday, the German newspaper Build wrote in his report that Gudrun was involved in the BND.

Bodo Heckler Hammer, head of the History Department of the Intelligence Agency, has given more information about Gudrun in this report. He has said that due to Gudrun’s efforts in West Germany, it helped in the merger of East Germany and Western Germany in the year 1990.

Bodo Hecklerhammer said, “BND confirms that Gudrun Burwitz was a member of the BND for a few years with a secret name, until 1963.”

He worked as a secretary in BND headquarters in Pulak, near Munich, from 1961 to 1963.

At that time, this institution was under the control of an Eastern Nazi military intelligence commander Reinhard Gehlen, who left the BND in 1968.

Hechelamman said that though his organization does not give much information about current or former employees, nor does he discuss, after Gudrun’s death, he is being allowed to share this information about him.
Helmler (left) with Hitler inspecting SS security forces
In Germany, some organizations like BND have to face how to address their relations with their Nazis in the years after World War II.

Gudrun remained active in the right wing politics. They were also known to participate in Nazi programs.

Heinrich Himmler was very close to Adolf Hitler. He was the Commander of the SS (Sujstafal) Group. This group played an important role in the atrocities committed against Jews during the World War.

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