Ground Report: ‘Seeing the hanging of so many people, I was shocked’

_102279366_whatsappimage2018-07-01at15.03.57-1After entering the street No. 4A of Saint Nagar of Buradi area of ​​north Delhi, leaving two plots on the right, there is a three-storey house in which there is now a pet dog left.

All 11 people of the house were found dead in suspicious circumstances on Sunday morning, whose face was covered with cloth and many were tied.

In this house famous as Bhatia family, 10 people were found hanged by trap, whereas the oldest woman died on the floor. There are seven women and four men, three of whom are minor. This family originally belonged to Rajasthan, but for over 20 years, he was living in a barber.

Nearly 75-year-old Narayan Narayan, his two sons Bhupi (46) and Lalit (42), both of them wives Savita (42) and Tina (38) were also hanged. Two young daughters of Bhupi and a minor son as well as a 12-year-old son of Lalit were also found dead.

11 dead include a widowed daughter of Narayan and her daughter Yani Narayan’s Nataline Priyanka (30). Priyanka was recently engaged on June 17 and was soon to be married.

Central Range Joint Police Commissioner Rajesh Khurana said that nothing can be clearly stated from the initial investigation. He said that investigation is going on in this matter but it is murder or suicide, nothing can be said on this

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The way of death, which is not cruel, agonizing

When the son’s body appeared before the doctor’s father
The bodies were first seen by Gurcharan Singh at the scene.
How did the incident happen?
This house has two shops on the ground floor. There was a grocery store that used to run the pyramid and the other was plywood whose work looked fine.

The very existence of so many people was found to be the first to know his neighbor Gurcharan Singh. Gurcharan Singh says that his wife used to go to the Bhatia family’s shop to take milk every morning, but his shop did not open until seven o’clock, then his wife asked him to go and see.

Gurcharan says, “When I entered, all the doors were open, and the bodies of all the people were hanged in a rosary, they were tied in their hands, and seeing the hanging of so many people, I got scared, and when I came home and told my wife, she started to see. The wife stopped her from there. ”

After this Gurcharan called a policeman living in the neighborhood and he called PCR at 7.30 am.
Only one living dog in the house is left
Gurcharan explains that the family was so good that after carrying luggage from their shop they used to ask to give money later.

This family’s nephew Navneet Batra says that this family was very good, which kept engaged in worship. He says that the entire family used to worship together every evening in the evening.

Batra says that Narayan’s married daughter lives in Panipat and another elder son lives in Rajasthan.
Last night the priest went to the shop of Moolchand Sharma Bhupi
Family was very religious
The adjacent barrage used to be the first village in the outer ring road, but after the increasing population of Delhi, many people from UP, Bihar and Uttarakhand came and settled in Baddi area.

Young people preparing for most competitive examinations in this area also live. The library also runs in front of this family.

A second neighbor T.P. Sharma says that this family has never seen any animosity.

Sharma said, “This family was so good that in the absence of all the shops in the neighborhood are closed, we have never seen anybody fighting them, now Bhuppi had taken the niece’s niece, everything was fine in the house. There were no family disputes as well. ”
Vehicle carrying carcasses for post mortem
Mohammad Yunus, who sticks the roll out of the street, says that his granddaughters used to teach tuitions in this house. Both daughters of Bhupi taught tuition

Yunus says, “I used to leave my grandchildren in this house and I always got respected here, never seeing the house that there is a problem here.”

There is also talk of being very religious in this family. Mulchand Sharma, a priest of the same area, says that he was close to his house and that was a prosperous family.

He says, “Last night I had met Bhuppi, I had told him the ply goods and he had promised to give me stuff this morning.”

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The neighboring border does not consider this incident to be suicide
Suicide or murder?
A neighboring border says that this family used to go to satsang together and was ahead in any religious work.

She says, “This family used to write a good idea on a paper daily outside the grocery store, and someone used to write it out of their family everyday.” How can people with such good thoughts commit suicide? ”

The border says that this family was prosperous and the children were well educated, so the questions arise on this incident. They say that all the small family members respected the neighbors.

After such a big incident, all leaders continue to go to the spot. First Sanjiv Jha MLA of the area was present at the spot. After this, regional MP Manoj Tiwari and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also arrived.


Area MP Manoj Tiwari also reached the spot
Arvind Kejriwal spoke to Narayan’s daughter who came from Panipat. His daughter had said that there were all the happiness in the house then how it happened, the preparations for the marriage were going on.



Local residents of Sant Nagar, #Burari says CM @ArvindKejriwal about the family, in whose house the tragic incident happened.

12:46 pm – 1am to 2018
115 people are talking about this

Arvind Kejriwal and Manoj Tiwari have asked to wait until the police report. Both of them say that this accident can not be predicted in advance.

On the other hand, the police has not dismissed the murder. All the dead bodies have been sent to the vegetable market for the post-mortem.

11 people will be found to know the post-mortem and post-investigation reports of death bogus only after coming to the report.

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