Ground Report: How Mandsaur saved from burning in the fire of anger and violence


A girl was abducted in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. The next day when the baby was found, after the investigation, it came to know that he had been a victim of rape and cruelty.

By that night, there was a tension in this city with a population of around two lakhs. A senior officer of the district told BBC Hindi, “The mirrors of four cars were busted and a demolition broke out on the scene”.

By June 28, people’s anger started coming to the streets, thousands of people were going out of their homes demanding justice for the child. The biggest fear was that the riots did not flare up in the case.

The mess on which the incident took place was a Muslim, and a small crowd allegedly targeted him because the suspected accused arrested was a Muslim.

Fear and apprehension
Anwar Ahmad Mansuri, the leader of the local Muslim community community and chairman of the Surat Committee, said that “since the incident, Allah was forbidding the lock that our suspects did not come out of our community”.

He said, “It is true that our community was afraid about the incident in which the incident could not be made a second point, but it is also true that the people of our own community helped the administration to identify the accused.”

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Indeed, Mandsaur is a part of Malwa province of Madhya Pradesh, where incidents of communal tension have been witnessed in the last few years.

History of curfew
In Mandsaur two years ago, two Muslim women were attacked due to alleged cow slaughter, while in nearby Ratlam district there is a history of imposing imposition after communal tension in 2010, 2014 and 2016.

In the year 2017, in Malwa province, a Bajrang Dal activist had to impose a penalty after the murder.

Perhaps this is the reason that there was a possibility of communal tension rising after this incident of rape and cruel violence with the girl. According to Mandsaur Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar Singh, who showed on the streets, he was a mass uproar of the people against the incident.


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“The fear of communal tension was absolutely certain, but the people of the city have helped the police quite.”

Meanwhile, Bajrang Dal’s district chief minister Jitendra Rathore denies that there is no pressure on any other community.

Administrative preparations
He said, “Maybe there is no fear in the people of the Muslim community.” We and other Hindu organizations believe that this was a disgusting event. I do not think there is any pressure on minority Muslim community against the accused To speak out, they should also come and they deserve to be welcomed. That is because they have daughters too. ”

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However, it is also true that keeping in view the old cases, the Madhya Pradesh administration also immediately sent additional security personnel to Mandsaur.

The fear was also that there was no violence in the wake of ‘Fake News’ released on social media.
Mohammad arif
I saw inflammatory messages about the real picture with the victim’s name on the mobile phone of many people in the city and the misdeed with him. The fear of the people was also about the fact that this is the year of elections and in such an environment the incidents of communal tension have already happened.

Mohammad Arif, chairman of Iman Tanjim, who works in Madarsas in Mandsaur, feels that “the atmosphere was very hot, but the decision taken was not worsened”.

He said, “The next day Muslim community issued memoranda that even if the accused is a Muslim, he has done work against humanity. Our organization, Anjuman had also announced that if the accused was hanged, then in the graveyard of Mandsaur The body will not be allowed to bury the dead “.
Jitendra Rathore, Bajrang Dal
Mandsaur is talking to the dozens of people in both communities against the crime of rape and cruelty, but informally speaking, the other side of the picture is more openly exposed.

The people of both communities feared that if the accused came out of the other religion after being diagnosed, then the effect would be the opposite. This is a fear of which some marks can still be seen in the people of Minsaur minority community.

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