Football World Cup: Uruguay stops Portugal’s breath


South American team Uruguay defeated Portugal’s strong team 2-1 in Portugal in the second knockout stage of the ongoing World Cup Soccer World Cup in Russia.

Uruguay scored the goal in the first minute of the match and took hold of the match, which remained firm till the end.

On the cross from Swares, Kawani scored the first goal for Uruguay in the seventh minute.

The Portuguese players tried to reach the ball several times in the first half but failed to reach the strong defensive line of Uruguay.

In the first half, Uruguay’s team was 1-0 ahead, but in the 55th minute of the second half, Portugal took the match to a draw.
Kawani celebrates after scoring second goal
The equalizer goal made the Portuguese team aggressive, but after seven minutes, Kawani once again scored a magnificent goal with a curved strike to make Uruguay 2-1 ahead.

Uruguay’s defense line remained highly organized throughout the match and good strikes of the Portuguese players could not even turn into the goal.
Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal supports the Kawani of Uruguay in the 75th minute
In the 82nd minute, Portugal’s star player Cristiano Ronaldo took the ball towards the goal, scoring three defensive players, but Hose Gimenez stopped his way.

Uruguay was 2-1 ahead of the 90th minute. The referee gave six minutes extra time, but despite many attempts the Portuguese team could not cross the Uruguay.

Now in the quarter-final Uruguay will be against France.

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