Football World Cup 2018: Host Russia excludes Spain in penalty shoot-out


In the final -16 match of the World Cup football, Russia defeated Spain in the penalty shootout, showing the way out. In the penalty shootout, Russia beat Spain 4-3.

Russian goalkeeper Igor Akkinf gave his team a fine defense on two penalty cuts to the quarter-finals. On the other hand, Spain’s Koca and Lago failed to score as well as the penalty.

The four minutes in which Messi’s dream shatter

This time Germany’s World Cup ‘Curse’ hit
Thrill of Penalty Kick
In the penalty kick, Spain’s Andreas Iniesta made a psychological edge to his team with the first goal. After this, the Russian Federation Smolov did not make any mistake in the goal and the score was 1-1.

Now it was the turn of Spain and Gerard Crick did not miss it by turning it into goals.

After this, in the first half of the match, Sergei Ignaciich brought the equalizer 2-2 with a penalty kick to give Russia a penalty kick.

But the show was still left.
Spain gave defender coca to the next kick and their shot was stopped by Russian goalkeeper Akkinfe.

Now the turn was Alexander Golovin and he scored the goal for Russia 3-2 for the first time.

After this, Spain’s captain Sergio Ramos scored the goal to score 3-3.

Dennis Cherishchev came in the fourth penalty kick from Russia, without putting any wrong ball in the goal.

Now all the opponents from Spain were on the Aspas, but Russian goalkeeper Akkinfe stopped his spot kick from his left leg and thus Spain’s team got out of the World Cup.
Russia’s goalkeeper Akkiffe
Swan suit
The match between the two teams was at par with the scheduled time of 1-1, and in the half an hour’s extra time, the match was not decided.

Earlier, in the 11th minute of the match, Russia was lagging behind the suicide goal. In the 11th minute, Spain opened its account with 38-year-old Russian defender Sergei Ignaciich’s suicide goal. Although Ignacewec did a great defense just five minutes earlier.

In the last 10 minutes of the first half, Russia’s team made strong attacks on Spain, but the team could not score the second goal.
Spain opens its account with the suicide goal of Sergei Ignaciich, Russian defender
Goals from Russia’s penalty
Just a few minutes later in the 40th minute in Spain’s box, the ball hit the hands of its defender Gerard Crike and the referee gave the penalty to Russia. On the penultimate side, Russian forward Ayroyam Djjuba did not make any mistake in the goal. Simultaneously, both teams were on the same level.

First Match Match 1-1 after the Half Defined 45 minutes
Arteyom Dzibba brought Russia on the penalty line
In the second half, both the teams made many attacks on each other but during this time no team managed to score goals.

After that the match went in extra time. But here both teams could not score goals.

Russia tour of the World Cup
In the first match of the tournament, Russia beat Saudi Arabia by 5-0 After that Egypt also defeated Egypt. However, he had to face defeat against Uruguay in his final group match.

Host Russia reached the final eight for the first time since the disintegration of Soviet Russia with its best performance in the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup.

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