Five people have been beaten to death in doubt of kid theft in Maharashtra

_102284349_7f2d2d32-6af8-44af-89bb-93ba25ec2550According to the Maharashtra Police, five people have been beaten and beaten to death in a village in the tribal area of ​​Dhule district suspecting to steal a child.

Police say that all the dead were residents of Mangalvedhe area of ​​Solapur district.

According to the police, the incident happened in Raninpada village of Sakri Tahsil, 80 kilometers away from Dhule.

Dhule Superintendent of Police Ramkumar told the BBC: “At around one o’clock in the afternoon, these people had landed in a bus by the people, and they questioned some people after questioning them, after which they were beaten in a room and beaten. Died. ”

In many areas of Maharashtra, rumors of child thief gangs are spreading through social media these days.

Especially the rumors spread in Dhule and Nandurbar districts that the child carrying poles are roaming around.

Police have also distributed prescriptions to stop rumors but the rumors continue.
The effect of these rumors is that people are attacking strangers. This incident in Dhule district is not such a first incident.

Last week too, in the Shahada area of ​​Nandurbar district, the crowd attacked three people suspected to be a thief gang. These three people were badly injured and their car was also set on fire.

In similar incidents, even in Satsana of Nashik district and Sirpur areas of Dhule district, the crowd attacked unaware people.

According to the police, the five people killed in the incident on Sunday were residents of Solapur. They have been identified as Bharat Shankar Bhosale (45), Dadar Shankar Bhosale (36), Raju Bhosale (47), Agnu Shrimant Hingole (20) and Bharat Maveli (45).

However, the police have not yet told what they had come to do in Rainpada village of Dhule district.
Five people were beaten in the room and beaten
Protest against villagers
According to Superintendent of Police Ramkumar, after getting information about the incident, the police force who came to the village faced opposition from the villagers, after which additional police forces were sent to the village.

The police has so far arrested 20 suspects in this case and the remaining people are being identified in the incident.

A weekly market was marketed in the village where this incident took place. Because of this too the crowd was very much. People from nearby villages were also present there.
Jaspal Sisodia, Gandhian activist of Dhule district, told  on the incident: “The vandalism that killed these people is astonishing. How can the common tribals or villagers be so cruel? It was the madness of the crowd. He feels that if he does not go to the crowd, he will not be recognized. ”

Dada Bhuse, minister in charge of Dhule district, told the BBC Marathi service, “It is a very serious and tragic event, because of the rumors that five people lost their lives. Strict action will be taken against. “

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