FIFA World Cup: Why is so much pother on ‘VAR’?

_102243549_c6793133-8407-456c-944c-fb8ec450e8db.jpgWhat is being discussed more than the ongoing competition in the football World Cup being played in Russia is that VAR is the Video Assistant Referee System.

This is the first time that VAR technology is being used in the World Cup.

In order to finalize any stir or decision on the ground through VAR or to overcome any doubts, those moments are seen again through video replay and then any decision is taken.

Despite being technically quite modern, VAR has been in disputes. Some people are in favor of it and some are standing in its opposition.
Ronaldo’s penalty was stopped by the Iranian goalkeeper.
Portugal and Iran match
The match played between Portugal and Iran late on Monday was left to match 1-1. Many questions were raised in this match on VaR technology.

At the time Portugal was ahead 1-0, Iran’s footballer Saeed Izatolli had pushed Portugal’s star player Cristiano Ronaldo inside the box, although the game continued after that.

But after the break, Referee Enrique Cecheres in the field changed his decision with the help of VAr technology and Portugal was given a penalty. However, Ronaldo could not convert that penalty into the goal.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the second half, Ronaldo was trying to trick Iran’s defender Mourtaz Pouraliganj, in the end, Ronaldo raised his left hand, which was caught on the face of Iran’s defender. Referee Crackus reviewed this footage and Ronaldo was shown just Yellow Card.

At the same time in the last minute of the match, when Iranian player Sardar Ejamon wanted to head the ball jumping high, he collided with the arm of Portugal’s Cedric.

Iran then appealed to the VAr, after seeing the replay, it was believed that the hand of Portugal’s player is on the ball, thus giving Iran the prize money in the final moments of the match.

After this decision several questions were raised on VaR techniques. Because this turning penalty turned into a goal, Iran made it to match 1-1.
Spain vs Morocco
The match played between Spain and Morocco was also tied at 2-2. In this match, Spain was trailing 1-2 for a long time.

In the last minute of the match, EEGO Espace scored his goal in the same way, but for a moment it seemed that he went out of the off-side.

Later the referee explored the footage and found that Espace was onside, thus Spain was given equal footing, and with this draw Spain also reached the top of its group.

Goal strikes Iran on the last minute of Spain
The unique move of Iranian fans to stop Ronaldo

The audience in the stadium is told about his decision on the VaR screen
How does VAR work?
VaR is in the role of a third referee in football. But this referee also has the facility of watching footage from different angles of all the TV cameras.

Videos always review rounds, penalties and red cards during the referee match even if the referee in the field is not asked to review them. If the VAAR receives any mistake in either of these, they have the power to overturn the referee’s decision.

Similarly, if the field referee is suspecting any decision, then he can get help from VAr.

In this way, the consequences of the VAR match play an important role in the four situations-

Penalties / Decision not to pay
Directly displaying red card
The VAR technology is being used only from March 2016. FIFA has been testing for the last two years whether the results of the game can be improved with the help of this technique. So far this technique has been used in 20 matches.

In the last two years, an official report made on the VAR trial around the world was told that the decision of this technique was approximately 98.9 percent accurate.
VARs are used directly on red card decisions.
What are the people about VAR?
People have different opinions about VAR. Many people believe that with the help of VAR, those mistakes can be prevented, due to which the results of the entire tournament change.

There are some other people who believe that due to VAr there is a waste of time during the match. At the same time, due to this the lack of enthusiasm among the people is also reduced in the match.

Especially those people who are watching the matches sitting in the stadium do not see what is happening at the time of VAR.

There are also some people who believe that when the VAAR can not change all the decisions, what is the advantage, because it is wrong that some decisions should be changed and some remain the same.
Now what?
Many people say that the use of video technology is rarely used in football against the rest of the games.

As such, in Hawk-Eye technology in tennis, it is detected that the ball falls inside the court or outside, in the same way the TMG i.e. television match official is used in rugby.

When FIFA had talked of using VAR technology in the World Cup in Russia, this was a very important moment for football.

At that time, President of FIFA, Giani Infinito, said, “We want to give this special technique to the referee, so that they can make better decisions, with the help of this technique many important decisions will be taken in the World Cup. ”

This technique will be included in the next league of Spain’s La Liga and France League-1.
The VAR will be used in the next session of La Liga.
Earlier this technique has been used in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, while the Premier League has made the distance from the moment.

In this way it can be said that the football player and his supporters have been divided all over the world with the VAr and the debate is expected to continue even further.

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