Deliberation : Raw knew in advance that when Pakistan would attack India


If someone enters an 11-storey office located in Lodi Road, Delhi, on the RAW or Research and Analysis Wing of India’s external intelligence agency, then the first thing will draw attention to it, its obsession against privacy, obsession or frenzy.

There is no permission to enter a person who does not work here. Only the employees of this organization can enter here.

The interesting thing is that there is no name plaque in front of any door here nor any post name

Yes, the junior secretaries are kept in front of the room of the officials above and one flower and two flower pots are reserved.

The head of Raw sits on the 11th floor. From the backyard of the building there is direct lift to its office which does not stop on any floor.
(Nominal picture)
In the interaction, the officials of the RAW never used this word. Whenever it is mentioned then it is called R & W, not RAW.

Perhaps the reason for this is that RAW is imposed by ‘incomplete’ or ‘raw’ which presents a negative image.

Role of Raw in the Battle of Bangladesh
When RAW’s achievements are talked about, firstly it comes in Zen, its role in the formation of Bangladesh.

Before the Indian army went there, Raw had given tremendous help in the formation of the Mukti Vahini and in his struggle with the Pakistani army.

In a book titled ‘The Cow Boys of Raw’, a former Additional Secretary of RAW, RAW has written that in 1971, RAW was fully aware of what day Pakistan was going to attack India.
East Pakistani refugees fleeing India before the battle
Anand Kumar Verma, who was chief of Raw in the 80’s, said while talking to the BBC, “At that time we had received the information that this date is going to be attacked. This information came via wireless which was a bit of decoding The mistake happened and according to the information we received, the attack was to happen on December 1. The air force was warned and those people went into high alert. But when the attack was not carried out till 2 December, the Air Force chief Sector RAW chief said Rameshwar Kaw how much own your information to the Air Force can not be kept for a long time on such high alert. ”
1971 | Indian soldiers launch campaign to free East Pakistan
Varma said, “Kaw said that you stop for one day, Air Chief Marshal PC Lal agreed and when the Pakistan air strikes on December 3, the Indian Air Force was fully prepared for it, this is what RAW It was an agent, he was on a good location and had wireless to send information to him. ”

Sikkim merged with India
Raw had a tremendous role in the merger of Sikkim in India in 1974.
With Chogyal Foreign Secretary only Singh (left) and after the merger in India, before Sikkim, Kazi Landup Dorjee
RK Yadav, a former RAW official, who has written a book titled ‘Mission R & W’ on Raw, points out, “The RAW chief Kav had planned to merge Sikkim, but till then Indira Gandhi was the undisputed leader of this area. After winning the Bangladesh war, they had the confidence of the ghazals. Chogyal of Sikkim had married an American woman, and because of this, the CIA had in that area Award feet started to expand. ”
RK Yadav, former RAW officer at BBC Studios
RK Yadav said, “Kav sahib had first advised Indira Gandhi to merge Sikkim in India, only three people knew it in the government.Indira Gandhi, PN Haksar and Rameswaranath Kav, Kav Sahab Only three officers of the RAW were operating this operation, even Kank’s number two Shankaran Nair was not aware of it, it was a kind of ‘bloodless koo’ and it was under the nose of China Happened Obtained. Such was merged into the Indian area of ​​3000 square kilometers. ”

News of Kahuta nuclear plant
The first news of the creation of Pakistan’s nuclear plant in Kahuta was given by the Rake Spies.
He deposited the hair samples of Pakistani nuclear scientists from the barber shop in Kahuta. When they were brought to India, when they were tested, it came to know that there are some fragments of radiation that confirm that Pakistan has either developed ‘Weapon Grade’ Uranium or it is very close to it.
General Zia ul Haq with Morarji Desai
It is said that an agent of the RAW received the design of Pakistan’s Kahuta Atomic Plant in 1977.

But the then Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai rejected the offer to buy it for only ten thousand dollars, but also told it to Pakistani President General Zia ul-Haq.

Maj Gen VK Singh, who has worked for many years in Raw. He has written a book titled ‘Secrets of Research and Analysis Wing’ on Raw.
Maj Gen VK Singh, in Delhi studio
He explains, “A blue print of Pakistan’s Kahuta nuclear plant was acquired by an agent of RAW, he had asked for ten thousand dollars to give it to India, when Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister, when he was about to offer this offer If told, they rejected him and phoned Zia and also told that we have information about your nuclear program. We never got that blue print. Inverted General Ia have had “eliminated” by betray the agent of RAW. ”

General Musharraf talks when tapped
Similarly, during the Kargil war in 1999, when General Pervez Musharraf, then Chief of Pakistan, was on his way to China, his Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General, Aziz Khan had called him in Beijing, that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had given the Pakistani Air Force and Navy And had complained that General Musharraf had kept him in the dark about the battle of Kargil.

RAW not only recorded this conversation on the telephone, but India made copies of it and sent it to the Ambassadors of all countries living in India including the USA.
Maj Gen VK Singh explains, “The recording which was done in this conversation was not new, but RAW has been doing such a recording, this conversation was very important, it ensured that the Pakistan army We only used that option. We should use whatever information we get from the intelligence system, not the publicity. If you are promoting it then the other party should know. As soon as this information became public, Pakistan came to know that we are intercepting their satellite link and they stopped talking to him. It was possible that later that link would get more important information, but then they became cautious.

ISI also included in the game of tapping
Hameed Gul, former head of ISI, the intelligence agency of Pakistan, did not consider this exploitation of RAW a big thing.
If the list of the largest ideological heirs of General Zia-ul-Haq, who imposed martial law in Pakistan, would be named after Hameed Gul.
He said while talking to the BBC, “RAW has publicly declared this tape public that he is not a professional institution, taping is not a big deal. You believe us, we have also been tapping all your conversations. When I was in ISI and when Rajiv Gandhi wanted to climb Sri Lanka in 1987, we were getting news like this, like we are watching a cricket match. There are some ‘Achievements’, ‘Achievement’, that is to fulfill your strategic goals. On the other hand, you take ISI. They defeated a ‘super power’ in Afghanistan and inside You sure America did not give us any ‘training’ for this. ”

Rameshwar Kaav was the father of Raw
In 1968, RAW’s Blue Prints were prepared by Rameswaranath Kaw, who was Deputy Director of Intelligence Bureau.
Rameshwar Nath Kaw, first director of RAW
He was made the first director of RAW. In 1982, when asked about the names of five great intelligence chiefs of the 70s, when the head of the Secret Intelligence Agency of France, Alexander Alexandre D’Marche was asked, he also included Rameswaranath Kav in this list.

The cages used to have so many “lo profiles” that their lives did not show any of their pictures in any newspaper or magazine.

Jyoti Sinha, a former Additional Director of Raw, who worked with him, explains, “What was his sophistication was a special thing to talk about. He used to say that if someone opposes you, then why should he be killed by poisoning him, why not kill him with honey, and that was the motive to say why he did not eat it sweetly. Ni are brought side. We were young officers at that time and we used to ‘worship’ Hero of Kaw sir. ”
Former director of Rameshwar Nath Kav (left) with PN Dhar, secretary of the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
The mistake of understanding the severity of Sikh separatism
The first questions were raised on Raw when he failed to reach the gravity of Sikh separatism to the government.

It was also against Raw that he could not get the exact analysis of the events of Kashmir. It is natural that the exploits of RAW should be seen on the balance with the exploits of the neighboring country of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI.
Former ISI chief Hamid Gul (in the middle)
I had asked the ISI chief before his death a few days ago that in your eyes, is a professional as successful as a spy agency in his objective? Hameed Gul’s answer was, “He never changed the mind set of Pakistan. He entered the campus of our universities and he always tried to ‘de-stabilize’ Pakistan. Here Shia-Sunni riots and He had a lot of role in provoking disturbance in Balochistan, now Raw is the biggest killer in Afghanistan, when America loses its war, all the invoices made in Afghanistan in India Tment “will be the fleet sunk. India always ride on Soviet’m sticking to the union and  used to ride on his car and also kept saying that he is non-aligned. Today the whole world is creating an environment against ‘Global Imperialism’. The people of the remote section of India are also feeling that India has sat in the lap of ‘Imperialism’. The defeat of ‘Imperialism’ is certain and after that both RAW or India’s security policy, both are pushing. ”

On the other hand, Jyoti Sinha, additional director of RAW, believes that the biggest benefit to the ISI is that it has the support of the army there and it is not answerable to anyone.

But despite this, his strategic thinking about the Indian subcontinent has not come true to the realities and many questions have been raised on it.
Another major RAW AS Dulat (right)
Jyoti Sinha says, “ISI must have won a small fight, but it has lost in the war.” On the other hand, Raw may have lost a small fight but he has always won the war. The paths to which they used to take place became a tremendous burden on Pakistan. They thought that if we believe in Islamic terrorism as a weapon against India Zia ul-Haq named it “Strategic Bleeding India to Death by Hands Wounds”, and see how much of it has cost Pakistan to use Islamic terrorism. He has to pay a heavy price for his policy. ”

Another major RAW agent, AS Dulat believes that RAW has done many of his campaigns without any publicity.

“Due to many incidents, Raw has been behind the hand, but he has never been given credit for it or he has tried to take credit,” said Das, once a former ISI chief, Asad Durrani, told me that Raw There is no better than the ISI, and the work we do in general, you do it without any prejudice.
George Bush Sr.
Role of Raw in improving relations with the USA
The successes and failures of intelligence agencies are not revealed every time.

Many times, he is directly responsible for some historical events, but he is not given credit immediately or ever.

Anand Kumar Verma recalled a similar incident while talking to me. He said, “This is the 1980-81, when Indira Gandhi won the election, she wanted us to start a new job with the American government, the US Defense Ministry Pentagon was very anti-India because they believe The Soviet military officials were advising us that the US Department of State and the Ministry of Defense had a major difference in the thinking of India. On the other hand, the trends of the people of India’s Foreign Ministry He was on the Soviet Union, and he was having difficulty in changing his attitude. ”
Verma said, “The Prime Minister of India wanted the policy of India to be reviewed in the United States, but the people of his own foreign office were against it. Then came to RAW Picture. Without a doubt, he created a second link and explained that India wants to change its policy with them, in this regard your Ministry of Defense and ours Do not take any seriously what you say by the Foreign Ministry. In 1982, Indira Gandhi was invited to go to the United States, she went there and took an action that was against the Protocol. India is usually invited by the Prime Minister, ‘Head of the State’, which means that the President treats his presence here. Bush welcomes Indira Gandhi’s invitation And went under new foundation of Indo-US relations there. “

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