Deep differences in the European Union regarding migrants


EU leaders have seen big differences on the new agreement on migrants.

Under the agreement, it has been agreed to set up a safe hub to keep migrants.

But France says that it will not create such a center because it is not a country of the European Union where migrants first arrive.

Italy says that such centers can be built anywhere within the European Union.
At the same time, EU President Donald Tusk has warned that there will be difficulties in implementing this agreement.

Similarly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that this is an important step towards moving forward but there is a lot more to do to overcome the differences.
According to Katya Adler, Europe Editor of BBC News, present in Brussels, this suggests that the solution to the migratory crisis of Europe has not been resolved.

This agreement is considered important for German Chancellor Angela Merkel because he is facing political opposition to this issue on his own land.

Country not related to Islam: Germany’s Home Minister

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