Croatia excludes Denmark in penalty shootout


In a very exciting knockout match played at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium on Sunday in the ongoing World Soccer World Cup in Russia, Croatia have confirmed their place in the quarterfinals by defeating Denmark in the penalty shootout.

After 121 minutes of play, the two teams were tied at 1-1, after which the Croatia beat Denmark 3-2 in the penalty shootout.

Earlier, the Russian Russian team, which was considered weak in another very exciting match, reached the penalty shootout, defeated Spain and dropped out of the World Cup.

After clashing with a 1-1 draw, Russia had defeated Spain 4-3 in the penalty shootout.

Players of Denmark celebrating the goal in the first minute of the match
The debut of Denmark in the second match was very great.

Huddersfield Jorgenson scored the goal in the first minute of the match and pushed Denmark 1-0 ahead.

But lead of denmark has not been kept for a long time, and Mario Matzuichich from Croatia gave the account in the fourth minute.

After this, both teams struggled to reach the goalpost by half-time.
In the fourth minute of Croatia’s Mario Manzuukich, the account is calculated equally.
In the Croatia group matches, Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland beat their triumphs to reach the final sixteen.

In the second half, both teams could not score any goals.

After remaining equal to 1-1 in the 90th minute, three minutes of additional time was given. But they were also rounded.
The second half of the match was quite dull After the equation in the 93rd minute of the game, half an hour’s extra time was given. But fifteen minutes before the extra time remained rounded.

The thriller came in the 113th minute when Rokikar came to the pass from Mokura Modarich, but the junka dropped him.

Croatia got a penalty in return for this. But Luka Modarich could not convert it into the goal.
The match was also tied at 1-1 with the 120th minute. One minute and extra time was given in which both the teams could not score any goals.

With this the match also reached the penalty shootout where Croatia defeated Denmark.
Denmark goalkeeper Kesper Shmikal put the match to penalty shootout by stopping the penalty shot for Luka Modrich.

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