Blog: wary! Zillesubahani Trivenendra Singh Rawat is coming

_102276924_0f54bd8e-25cc-4ae4-badf-7afdb18ef9f7.jpgJust as the King-e-Hindustan Zillay Durbaral Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar had ordered to give the name of Anarkali, the name of Anarkali in the wall, alive alive, the district of Uttarakhand, Tilvendra Rawat, declared the exact same style for a teacher in a court room. – Suspend it, take it in custody!

The only difference is that Emperor Akbar had issued an order to throw Anarkali in the wall in the sixteenth century, but the order of the new Mughal emperor of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat, was issued in front of our eyes in the second decade of the 21st century.

Uttara Pant Bahuguna is a widow teacher who has taught in a primary school in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhasi, remote district of Uttarakhand for the past 25 years. They say that for the last 25 years, no one has taken good care of them. They also never objected because their husbands were alive and the children were well cared for.


Shubham saini
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This is our Uttarakhand government in which honorable Trivenendra Singh Rawat ji installed the Janata Darbar and to redress the public grievances, Trwendra Singh ji suspended the teacher in the opposite. Is this the double engine’s government where the government does its arbitrariness?

12:01 pm – 29 June 2018
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Teacher’s call
Last year, Uttara Pant’s husband died and the challenge of raising and upliftment of his children was born in front of him. Like thousands of government officials in the state, Uttara was expecting the government of Trivendra Rawat that now he will be hearing and he will be transferred to Dehradun, where he can live with his children and bring them up.

Just like the Public court of the Republic of India and the Chief Minister of the Republic of India, Sultan and Mughal emperor also gave their subjects a chance to keep their rituals before the king in the court. But then the people also knew and the courtiers also said that if a matter was struck by the king, it would be ordered to blow directly with a cannon or crush under the feet of the elephant and then only Allah could be visited here.

Therefore, despite giving the King’s lacker trust, Complainant would surely say – Zillesubahani, if get security  of life then do complaint …

This way controversy happened in Trivendra Rawat’s public debate
Uttara Pant
It seems that before forgetting Uttara Pant Bahuguna transfer, forgot to say that – ‘Zillasubahani, I am sure to apply for life.’ He was in a misunderstanding that he is a free citizen of the seventy-year-old republic, who chooses to live by his vote, what a fear of any chief minister! They would not have been convinced that the Chief Minister became the Chief Minister in the thieves of Trivandrum, who spread the Sangh by chana-bhuga till yesterday, and he has come under the control of emperor Akbar. And who has the courage to tie the head without bowing in front of the king?

Watch the video – The voice of Mughal-e-Azam Rawat, surrounded by his officers echoed in the whole hall – “I’ll suspend my speech right now, I will suspend it right now … I told you, and then their voice goes high. – Suspend it, suspend it today only Take it out, stop it, take it in the custody.

When you are surrounded by the crowded policemen from around and the Chief Minister sitting in front of you is boiling in anger and you are issuing oral orders of your due and arrest, then a good person will be ready to kneel by joining hands. But this school teacher came under no pressure, shook the hand of the police and replied to the chief minister, “What will you suspend, I am suspending myself.”

When he goes out, his voice is heard again – the thief, the excitement of somewhere …

Who is responsible
It is not clear that “Adna-si” school teacher asked for these words to the Chief Minister, or for all those leaders, officers, babus, liquor contractors and those malevolent traditions who have been working in an inaccessible place for the last 25 years. The woman is responsible for the misfortune.
Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Trivedi Singh Rawat, in the Janata Darbar program on June 28
Trivenendra Singh Rawat should be removed from the brain for two minutes. Recall a second Rawat who was Chief Minister of Uttarakhand before Trivandrum – Harish Rawat According to Outlook magazine, he is very sad that “the whole system has become so insensitive that a widow teacher is working in a remote area for 25 years but no one has listened to her complaint.”

Harish Rawat should take Ayurvedic booth called Brahmi so that his memory can not be answered before time. Before Trivendra Rawat, he himself was Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, and even then, Uttara Pant was working quietly in remote in Uttarkashi. Even then none of them were listening. When Harish Rawat was the chief minister, he was accused of being uncoated. If you search on the Internet then you will find those pictures easily, in which a weeping lady is holding the feet of Chief Minister Harish Rawat, and the Chief Minister is constantly laughing at the ridiculous way.
Former Chief Minister Harish Rawat

What would you do if Narayan Dutt was Tiwari in place of Trivendra Rawat? From Uttarakhand, when we raised this question during an interaction with an expert speaker and leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, almost everyone had agreed that it did not do as Trivendra Rawat did. Those who know Narayan Dutt Tiwari and his mood, can make a complete picture on your own imaginary right:

Narrating the sharpness of the voice of the woman and the sharpness of the complaint, Narayan Dutt Tiwi immediately told the officials around him – Uttara ji has been complaining for so long. Let them solve the problems within a week by giving time to them separately and tell me.

Then, after being disturbed by Uttrata Pant, mentioning the identity of his life to his husband or father, adding both hands, politely urge them to meet and meet anytime. The media present there praised the leader and the development man and did not get any information about whether the completion of the meeting was completed or not.
Narayan Dutt Tiwari
But how do the rites of Trivendra Singh Rawat allow him to come out of his scope and offer soft-spoken to the silly women who question the head of the state? It is necessary to be reminded here that Trivedendra Singh Rawat, who had been arrested for the arrest of a forced widow who had heard about his Fariad, learned the rituals of society and politics in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Before coming to politics, he remained a preacher of the Sangh and volunteers would be lifelong.

Ordination is a word that is abundant in the propaganda material and propaganda system of the Sangha. Even the Sangh has opened a complete association of Samskar Bharati. But when those volunteers who are fed up with those rituals of the Sangh come to power, why does Mughal-e-Azam Jalaluddin become the parody of Mohammad Akbar?

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