BJP is now to Jammu’s shelter, but is it so easy?


By breaking the ties with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP has once again waited for the completion of ‘Mission 44 Plus’.

In the Legislative Assembly elections in 2014, BJP emerged as the largest party in the Jammu region after winning 25 out of 37 seats.

Due to lack of absolute majority, he won from the Kashmir division and joined hands with PDP and formed a common government.

In the year 2014, the party’s goal was ‘Mission 44 Plus’, but despite the full strength of the party, the party’s figure remained limited to 25 seats.

‘Finals after semifinals’
Now after being in the coalition government for nearly 40 months, the party workers believe that now they are free from the restrictions of coalition government and are ready to go with the people with new zeal.

Says Ravindra Raina, BJP state president: “The 2014 election was semi-final for us. The assembly elections that will take place after 2019 will be our final.”

On the other hand, in view of the anger of the people of Jammu, the BJP does not want the state assembly to be dissolved and voting in the state before the Lok Sabha election.

Party state unit spokesman Anil Gupta says that this assembly has more than two years left now. At the time of coalition government, we wanted to eliminate the discrimination that was done with the Jammu division.

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Promotion of ‘Super State’
Looking at the situation of the state, the Central Government wants the governor to continue in the state till at least the Lok Sabha elections and the party’s MLAs have the opportunity to work in their locality.

The biggest challenge in front of BJP is to save its base in Jammu.

Prior to joining the coalition government with PDP, BJP had made big promises in the name of development from the public.

Narendra Modi promised to make the state ‘Super State’ during the election campaign.

But despite over three years of passage, the BJP failed to fully implement its development agenda.

The party leaders understand that they have not fulfilled the promises made to the people.
Political profit-loss
Since the BJP has come out of the coalition government, the discussion has started to talk about who will get the political advantage of this decision and how to get it.

The experts believe that the BJP has taken this decision, and it is a big reason behind it being reduced in the whole country.

Hari Om, former professor of history at Jammu University, says, “The BJP wants to pursue the politics of the country on Kashmir issue and that is why it does not want to hold assembly elections in the state assembly before the election of the 2019  folk assembly

According to Professor Hari Om, “BJP decides to break the alliance with PDP because the Kashmir policy of the central government had been completely beaten up and the atmosphere was getting ready in the country against the BJP, the party did not want that the reason for Kashmir’s policy They have to face defeat in the 2019 elections. ”

In the opinion of SP Sharma, who has been the Chief of Bureau of National Day Tribunals in Jammu and Kashmir for a long time, “Before joining the coalition government three years ago, BJP had shown big dreams to the people of Jammu.” Discrimination with Jammu region Had promised to finish. ”

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Governor ruled in Jammu and Kashmir for the fourth time during NN Vohra’s tenure
SP Sharma says, “Before Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, during the campaigning in Jammu, in the ‘Lalkar’ rally in Jammu, he had spoken vigorously on Article 370. He had said that there should be debate on this that the reason for this In the state, the common man has been hurt or benefited. ”

Will the BJP have any political advantage after coming out of the government?

Responding to this question, SP Sharma says, “The damage which has to happen, it has happened, now the time will come to decide whether the BJP will get any political advantage or not. BJP has long been involved in knowing people’s heart Done.”

A long-awaited journalist Ashwani Kumar on state politics believes that even after winning 25 assembly seats from Jammu, the BJP could not rule the hearts of the people.

Talking of the Kathua case Ashwani Kumar says that the people of Jammu have come to the point that the Dogra fraternity was defamed under a thoughtful politics and the BJP ministers remained silent for the first time and when they When he became part of his movement with the public, the party lifted him out of the chair.

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