BBC apologizes to Carey Gracie on unequal salary

_102265032_30ab48e1-9c46-448a-9b2e-fc1a38524fe9.jpgThe BBC has apologized to the news presenter Carrie Gracie for getting lesser wages than men.

The BBC has also said that Gracie will be given full pay, which is their right.

Although it is not yet known, how much money will be received from the BBC, but the whole amount is donating to the Fosset Society, which works for gender equality and women’s rights.

BBC China Editor Carey Gracie resigned from the post in January while making the issue of unequal pay in the institution.

He said, “I am happy that the solution came out, it shows that we can go further.”

Carrie Gracie tweeted thanking those who gave their support to them in difficult times.
BBC Corporation has said that the dispute has been resolved.

‘Today I can say that I am the same’
Carrie Gracie has released a statement.

“This is a huge day for me. I love the BBC very much. It’s been like my family for more than 30 years and I want to make it the best. Many times the family feels the need to shout at each other, but when you stop shouting, it feels good.

“I am grateful to the Director General (Director General) for resolving this matter, I think he has understood the value of my work as the editor of China today. The BBC has given me the salary of last several years. But for me it was not a matter of money but a fight for the principles, so I am giving this amount to the help of women who need it more than that. ”

BBC Editor gives resignation over ‘unequal salary’
Women in low-paid women in BBC
“There are opportunities and challenges in front of the BBC”
“And today I can say in the BBC that I am the same.”

‘All the differences ended’

“I want women to work at the workplaces in this country from above to feel like this. There was a long and difficult way to reach here, many people did a lot of work and I am proud of it.”

“Cultural changes help change people’s views, this is a big issue, not only for the BBC but for the entire country and the world’s employees, this is a victory for me and the BBC. I am proud of all of us. . ”

Claire Balding, who works with him, tweeted in praise of Gracie, “It is confirmed by the decision to donate the full amount of the last salary they received, which we all knew was not for ourselves, but for everyone Was fighting.

BBC Director General Tony Hall said, “I am happy that we are moving ahead with our old differences and now we can move towards the future.”

Working women of Dubai and equal rights
This is a woman, pay her less …-
Tony Hall said that he is “happy” that he (Gracie) is supporting the BBC’s project to “make the BBC a better place to work for women”.

“It matters a lot to me and I want to move on this path.”

In July last year, the BBC had to make public the salary of all employees earning more than one and a half million pounds annually.

Gracie had said that he was upset to know that two men of the BBC find at least fifty percent more wages than women in international editorials.

BBC America Editor John Sopel received salary between two and a half million pounds, while BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Baven received salary between £ 1.5 and £ 2 million.

Although Carey Gracie was not on the list, which means that his salary was less than half a million pounds annually.

In his open letter, Gracie had said that the law of equality says that men and women doing the same thing should get equal pay.

The BBC has now admitted that Gracie was told that he would be given a salary equal to the editor of North America.

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