Australia: Compensation up to 76 lakh rupees for 60 thousand victims of sexual abuse

_102279011_047851899-1.jpgAustralia has launched a compensation scheme for victims of child sexual abuse in institutions. It has been named the National Compensation Scheme. According to the government, nearly 60 thousand Australians are eligible for this compensation.

Australian officials believe that around $ 20,268 million ($ 4 billion Australian) compensation package will help reduce the pain of the victims.

An investigation commission has recommended economic compensation for decades of child abuse in Australian institutions.

The Commission had examined the religious institutions, schools, charities, sports clubs and victims in the army and their misdeeds for five years.

Almost all the recommendations of the Commission were accepted by the Australian Government.

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34 lakh rupees compensation on an average

However, the victims who apply for compensation under this scheme will not be able to file a lawsuit in this case again.

Australia’s Social Welfare Minister Dan Tehan said in a statement: “We are with about 60 thousand people suffering from abuse, who were in the trusted institutions where they should have been kept.”

Several state governments and religious groups, including the Catholic Church, have joined this plan.

Maximum compensation of victims will be Rs 76 lakh (1.5 million dollars). The average compensation amount will be around Rs 34 lakh ($ 67,000).

Doug Göllter had to face sexual abuse at the first Melbourne home and then in Sydney’s prison since 17 years of age.

He told the Australian Broadcaster ABC that the effect of this misconduct will be full of life.

The golter said, “Even people you like can not go too close to them, you can not talk to them about this because they do not want to feel your pain.”

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Some lawyers say that this scheme should be used as the last option because the victims could get more compensation by the lawsuits, on the institutions where they were abused.

But seriously ill golter will take a long time to get compensation in such a way.

He told ABC, “I do not have any other option.” It would be the best way to do the case but I do not have time. My life is now so low that the court proceedings will be small for this. ”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that this plan is “part of the process of reducing their pain”.

Turnbull said, “We have to face this reality, it is very difficult.”

Turnbull will seek formal apology from the victims of abuse in the institutions on 22nd October.

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