Sharp eyes of government on earnings of actors

_102251840_bb686c05-e47a-485c-9a98-a0d76d576ad1.jpgOfficials in China say that they are setting limits on the amount of wages given to actors instead of work in film and TV shows.

Officials say that they want to stop ‘tax evasion’ and ‘worship of money’ within the industry through this step.

Now, in China, an actor will not be paid more than 40 percent of the total production cost, instead of working in a TV program or film.

The government says that in the same way lead actors will not be able to pay more than 70 percent of the total cost.

China film market

It has been decided after a lot of debate on the allegations of tax evasion and the hard work of the actors within the film industry in China.

In the ruling issued by the government, nothing special about this has been said why it has been decided.

It has been said that the earnings of actors are skyrocketing, tax evasion and some other issues need attention.

‘China will not leave an inch of its land’

China has made such a strong country in 40 years

The notice says that due to these problems, the film and TV industries have been damaged, people have started worshiping the money and the youth are running away from the eyes behind these actors.

Concern has been expressed in the notice that due to all these social values ​​are also getting worse.

Movies in China are particularly expensive, in which The Great Wall is currently the top, which spent $ 150 million. It is a different matter that the film did not show any special box at the box office.

Scientist believe that China is on the path to becoming the world’s largest film market

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