Important meeting in Brussels on the issue of migrants

_102251562_mediaitem102241534.jpgGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked EU leaders to work together to solve the problem of migrants.

Angela Merkel in the Parliament of Germany said that the issue of migrants can prove to be a decisive step for the EU.

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The German Chancellor made this call before the conference in Brussels in the European Union, in which focus is on dealing with non-documented migrants.

These migrants are mostly from African countries who risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea.
Angela Merkel is under pressure to compromise to prevent new migrants from coming.

German Home Minister Horst Ziehofam has said that after the weekend, he will start sending migrants back from the border.
These migrants also include those refugees who run away from Syria and other conflict areas in the hope that they will get shelter.

However, the current crisis is not as big as it was in 2015 when thousands of islanders were coming to Greece for refugee shelter.
But this time stress on the issue of refugees increased when the ships filled with migrants were not allowed to enter Italy’s ports.

The issue of immigrants was very special in Italy’s elections and the government there wanted a strong initiative from the European Union in this matter.

Well, in this conference, everyone’s attention is only on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, because her home minister is showing strong tension in the case of migrants.

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