FIFA World Cup: This time the percussion of curse lying on Germany

_102233252_hi047775261.jpgThe last time the German team has gone out of the World Cup 2018.

In the Group stage match played on Wednesday, South Korea defeated Germany 2-0.

In this tournament Germany won only one out of three matches. This match was played against Sweden and Germany also won the goal in the 95th minute.

With the defeat from South Korea, Germany reached the final of the group at the end of the World Cup tour.

This means that the World Cup’s ‘curse’ has once again shown the effect. A curse that does not allow the defending champion to win the World Cup again. The 21st Century curse, which led to the last time the team wins out of the World Cup in the first round.
For the first time since 1938, the German team has been out of the World Cup in the first round
What is history
It was just twice before 2002 that the last time the winning team had to be out in the opening round of the next World Cup. In 1950, Italy had to be out at that time when India suddenly withdrew from the tournament.

After that Brazil had to be out in 1966, while he was consistently champion twice In his group he was behind Portugal and Hungary.

After this, in the 21st century, in 2002, in the opening match of the World Cup in South Korea and Japan, Senegal surprised everyone by defeating the winner of France last time.
Four years ago, France, who beat Brazil 3-0 in the final, lost out to the tournament due to the defeat from Senegal. The group also had Uruguay and Denmark.

In 2010, history repeated itself and hit it on Italy. In the 2006 final, he had defeated France to win the World Cup, but in the 2010 World Cup, it lost to Paraguay in its group first, then from New Zealand and finally to Slovakia.

Spain’s turn came four years after that. He had been dominated by the past eight years and during this time he had also raised the Euro trophy twice. But in the 2014 World Cup, it started scorching dust. Earlier, the Netherlands beat him 5-1 and then Chile beat 2-0 to make it out of the World Cup.

And now, this has happened once again. The last time champions Germany in Sweden, Mexico and South Korea, lost 1-0 to Mexico in the match.
In the next match, against Sweden, when he won the last moments, he felt that the team was returning to rhythm. But he had to face defeat in the match with South Korea.

This happened when South Korea could not see the victory in the last 8 World Cup matches, and this time their coach had only told one percent chance of winning their team.

That is, the Curse of Champions tells how difficult it is to keep the World Cup alive. Only Italy (1934-1938) and Brazil (1958-1962) have been able to do so.

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