Champion of last time Germany out of World Cup

_102230987_b846a080-792b-404f-b0f7-cc99b67d7ffb.jpgThe last time the FIFA World Cup winner was defeated by the German team, South Korea, and was out of the World Cup.

In an exciting match against South Korea in the Group F match, the current champion Germany had to face defeat by two-zero.

In four teams of Group F, Korea was at number four with one point, while Germany was at third place with three points. There were occasions in the first match of the break but Germany could not do any.

Kim Young Gone scored the first goal from Korea in the 92nd minute of the game. On this goal the referee took the help of the video.
Son Huang Min
Six minutes later, the second goal was scored by Korea. Germany’s goalkeeper Manuel Neur was fully occupied with the ball and in this round, came a little ahead from the goalpost.

But the football went to Ju-Jong of Korea and they lifted it forward and taking full advantage of the opportunity, Son Hugh Min kicked the ball towards the empty goalpost. With this, Germany dropped to number four in Group F.
Son Huang Min
This is not the first time
This is the first time that since 1938, Germany has not been able to move ahead in the first round of the tournament.

But this is not the first time that a World Cup winner has been out in the group stage.

In 1950 Italy and in 1966, the Brazilian group was out of stage.

In 1998, France had won the World Cup, but in 2002, after losing to the Group Stage, the French team was ousted.

In 2006, the Italian team had taken possession of the World Cup, but after four years it was also out in 2010.

Spain won the World Cup in 2010, but when the team left in 2014 to defend the trophy, they had to be out in the group stage and lost.

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