Attack on office of Newspaper in US, Death of 5


In the US, officials say that a local newspaper office has been attacked in the state of Maryland, where at least five people have been killed and some others were injured due to the bullet.

Police say that a suspect has been taken into custody in the case. He is close to 40 years of age and is a resident of Maryland.
A suspect has been detained for running bullets.
According to the reports, the assailant filed a defamation case against the newspaper in September 2012, which he lost.

Police have not clarified anything about the purpose of the attack.

Many people were present at the time of the attack in this newspaper called the Capital Gazette.

According to a correspondent, the gunman targeted the glass door behind which many employees were present.
Police say that suspected gunmen arrested are being questioned. 170 employees have been taken out safely from the building, where other offices also go.

The Capital Gazette is a daily newspaper, which also has a digital website. It belongs to Baltimore Sun Media Group.

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