2018 football world cup: Big reverse so far and made-worsening records

_102252980_d550c16f-579e-40a5-9311-225573a24e5bThe 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup is closing in Russia. The first round of group matches have ended.

The current champion is out in Germany and the legendary Argentine-like team has to work hard to reach the knockout round.

There have been many records in the matches played till date.

Spain and Portugal from Group ‘B’, France and Denmark from group ‘C’, Croatia and Argentina from group ‘D’, Group ‘E’ from Brazil and Switzerland, Group ‘ F ‘from Sweden and Mexico, Group’ G ‘Belgium and England, Group’ H ‘from Colombia and Japan have reached the knockout phase.
Knockout ticket from fairplay
To reach the knockout, except for the Group ‘H’, all the teams have been decided on the basis of the points of the two teams. From the group ‘H’, Colombia remained at number one with six points, but Japan and Senegal’s teams remained in content with four four points.

After this, the team of second-ranked team was based on Fairplay points in which Japan competed.

16 teams have been eliminated from this Mahakumbh of 32 teams, now the knockout round will begin.

So let’s take a look at what happened in this tournament so far.

FIFA World Cup: What has happened so far

For the first time in the Soccer World Cup
With the debut on June 14, it became the first football World Cup to be played in Eastern Europe.

Not only this, it is also the first World Cup to be held together in two continents (Europe and Asia).

Also in Europe, this tournament has been organized for the 11th time, this is also a new record.

Messi is finally missing the World Cup?

VAR joined for the first time
For the first time in the Football World Cup, VAr, the video assistant referee, was included.

France won the penalty with the help of this technique in the 2-1 win over Group-C, while viewing the footage in the VAR, the penalty awarded to Brazil against Costa Rica was canceled.

What is the VAR: Can the referee’s decision be reviewed by VAR? For the first time, this technique was used in German league and Italian Serie-A league. It has been used in the 2017 Confederation Cup in Russia also.

VaR has played a very important role in the 2018 Football World Cup so far and has been given seven penalties.

The danger of being out of the World Cup on Argentina

South Korea defeated Germany and out of World Cup
2018 World Cup’s biggest reversal
The 2014 champion, Germany’s exit from the World Cup, is the biggest change in the first round. In the final group match, South Korea defeated him 2-0 and went out of the tournament.

This was the first time since 1938 when Germany’s team could not move ahead in the first round.

Although this is not the first time the current champion group has been out of the round. In this fashion, the names of countries like Spain, Italy, France and Brazil are also included.

While major teams such as Italy and the Netherlands could not qualify for the tournament, Iceland and Panama teams participated for the first time in the Football World Cup, and Iceland already stalled Argentina 1-1 at the same match. He also made big changes.

The Panama team did not make any major changes, but these forms have managed to score the first goal of the World Cup against England. After this, he scored a goal against Tunisia in the last league match.

FIFA World Cup: England won by Harry Kane for two goals

During the match there was a debate between Serbia’s player Nenanja Metic and Costa Rica coaching staff.
Record of broken penalty kick
During the World Cup match played between Iran and Portugal, all previous records of penalty kick broke down.

In this match, the 19th penalty kick of this tournament was used, which is more than all previous editions. In 1990, 18 penalty kick was found.

Interestingly, this 19th penalty was not able to change the hat-trick star player Cristiano Ronaldo in the tournament.

Earlier, Messi missed the penalty kick in the same tournament.

By the way, with the end of the first round, the number of penalty has reached 22 in the tournament. Of these, 17 were converted into goals while the players missed out on 5 occasions.

It would be very interesting to see where this number reaches till the end of the tournament.

Goal gave away Serbia to an exciting win

Record suicide goal
The group stage was still not finished that a new record was made for the suicide goal (the goal against their own team).

In the 2018 World Cup, there have been eight total suicidal goals so far, which is the highest in any of the FIFA World Cups.

Earlier, in the World Cup played in 1998, the World Cup had five suicide bouts.

The number of these goals can increase as now the pre-quarter finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals are still remaining.

These soccer players with insulin kit

First goalless match after 37 matches
In the 1954 FIFA World Cup, after 26 matches, the first goalless (0-0) match was played in the tournament.

The record breaks in the 2018 edition. This time, after the first time, 37 goals were played in the first round drought match.


Russian is excited about World Cup football
Record of the oldest player

Egyptian captain and goalkeeper Asam al-Haddari became the oldest player of the FIFA World Cup He joined the World Cup 45 years at the age of 161 days.

Before that, the World Cup’s oldest player was Colombian goalkeeper Fareed Mondragon, who attended the age of 43 years.
Messi, Ronaldo also in the record books
Portugal’s legendary skipper and captain Ronaldo scored against Spain in the fourth minute of his team’s first match. It was the fastest goal ever made in this tournament after the 1966 World Cup. The goal was then scored in 1.35s of the match.

Along with this, Ronaldo also became the fourth player after Pelé, Uwe Sailer and Miroslav Klose in the four World Cups (2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018).

With three goals against Spain, Ronaldo became the world’s oldest ever hatcher in the World Cup (33 years and 130 days).
On the other hand, Messi, who missed the penalty on his penultimate match, scored a magnificent field goal against Nigeria in the second match and became the first player in football history to score goals in the World Cup at the age of adolescence, over 20 and above 30 Have achieved success in doing so.

Messi made his first World Cup goal in 2006 at the age of 19. In 2010, he did not score any goals, but in 2014 he scored 4 goals and now has scored one goal in the 2018 World Cup.

Messi’s first goal in the current World Cup was also the 100th goal of the current tournament.
What will happen to Messi and Ronaldo?
Now, while the pre-quarterfinals are set to begin (Group of 16), it is very interesting for Indian viewers in both the first day of the match.

Because in this, on one side of the World Cup, two former champions teams France and Argentina will face each other. In the second match, Uruguay and Portugal will face face to face.

Interestingly, if Argentina and Portugal are able to reach the quarter-finals, then football fans want to see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
After this, if Argentina or Portugal team reaches semi-finals, and on the other hand Brazil has also been able to set the way for the semi-final, then Neymar and Messi or Ronaldo can also get the match.

In the 2018 Football World Cup, eight matches will be played in the knockout round. After that, there are a total of 16 matches left till the quarterfinals, semi-finals and final played, so there is a great hope that the tournament will get worse by getting the tournament deteriorating.

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