Why is India’s wind view different from space

_102198927_7214bbf1-d506-4af4-b4c3-4a618efaccdb.jpgIndia’s wind is slightly different from the air of the South Asian countries around it.

That’s because India’s formaldehyde is present in the air. Such a colorless gas, which is otherwise left naturally through trees and other vegetation, but also produces this gas due to its pollution-related activities.

New satellite satellite-5P of Europe has detected the increased amount of this gas in the atmosphere present in India. The satellite-5P satellite was launched in October last year to monitor air quality around the world.

Based on the information gathered from this, it will help in creating policies to keep the atmosphere clean.

What is the formaldehyde
Signal of formaldehyde (CH₂O) is very weak compared to important constituents such as nitrogen and oxygen in the yumundal.

There will be only a few molecules of CH₂O in one billion molecules of air. However, Isabel de Smet, associated with the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronautical (BIRA-IASB) says that it still can show signs of pollution related to it.

They told , “Formaldehyde has many types of volatile organic compounds, but vegetation is their natural source, but due to fire or pollution, their volume may increase.”

“By the way, this matter depends on the terrain, but 50 to 80 percent of the signals come from the source of the living organisms.If the signal comes more than it will be due to pollution and fire, because of coal burning or forest fire. But in India, too much fire is set in the fields. ”

In India, wood is still well lit for cooking and heating.

Winter pollution in the summer of Delhi, what is the Majraara?

What is the danger
When unstable biological compounds come in contact with nitrogen dioxide and sunlight due to the burning of fossil fuels, the reaction occurs and makes ground level ozone.

Ground level ozone produces severe problems in breathing and can cause many health related problems.

Seeing the first picture above, it shows how the Himalaya mountain prevents the wind from the meadow from going north.

In the map, where the density of formaldehyde is showing low in northwest India, it is the deserts of Rajasthan where vegetation is also very low and population too.

How effective is sanitary-5p
Sanitel-5P was launched by the European Space Agency for the European Union’s Copernicus Earth-Monitoring program.

The tropomy device found in this satellite can detect formaldehyde in nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulfur dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and aerosols (small vapor or particles) apart from the atmosphere.

All of this affect the air which we breathe. Many of them are also responsible for climate change.
Tropomy device is better than its predecessor ‘Omi’. Omi is still working and is beating the earth with a satellite of the American Space Agency.

Dr. D. Smet says, “We had good data already, but to collect this level of information, we had to keep track of for several days.

She says, “India’s new map has four months’ data. Tropomy can do all that in a month, which takes Omi six months.”

“Now we get faster information, we can also track the emissions that occur at small levels, such signs did not look good before, for example, we needed 10 years of data to see emissions in Tehran. But in this map you are able to see tropomy data for just four months. ”

After one test, S5P will start working fully and by the end of the month, it will start collecting data of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. We have to wait until winter to come to the outcome.

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