Why India can not handle the hard frown of Maldives

_102202003_gettyimages-887546064.jpgNow relations with neighbors of India depend on the extent to which China’s presence there. There is no such country in South Asia, which is closely related to both China and India.

India’s relationship with the Maldives was quite deep until a few years ago, but as China progressed its presence there, India’s feet were uprooted.

The circumstances are that the Maldives has told India that he had taken two helicopter gifts to rescue the relief, to take them back.

Even the Maldivian companies have said in their advertisement that do not apply for Indian jobs because they will not get work visas.

In February this year, Maldivian President Abdullah Yameen had announced the imposition of emergency, India had strongly opposed it, and since then the relations between the two countries came in bitterness.

The Abdullah Yaman government of Maldives also canceled the visas of Indian pilots for both helicopters.
China reaches India in Maldives
International analysts say about the relations between the Maldives and India that what India used to do here, now it is China. Meanwhile, on June 20, the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of India issued an advisory to set the limits for the export of goods to the Maldives.

This step of the Government of India is being seen as a bad relationship with the Maldives. In the media of Maldives, it was said that due to India’s step, essential food items like potato, egg, onion, rice, flour, sugar and pulses can be deficient.

Although India’s Foreign Ministry says no cuts have been made in the equities sent to the Maldives, but things have been decided according to need.

The Indian Foreign Ministry has said in a press release that India exports with the Maldives only on the basis of the Trade Agreement in 1981.

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In December 2017, 12 agreements were signed between China and Maldives. Among them there have been many agreements under China’s ambitious plan One Road One belt. China’s interest is to increase economic and strategic cooperation in the Indian Ocean.

India is opposing the expansion of China in the Indian Ocean. On the other hand, China is working on big projects in the Indian Ocean. These include mainly constructing new ports.

India can not face China
Rahul Bhosale, chief of the Think Tank Security Risk of Asia, working on Asian Security, has told the Irish Times on this issue that asking to take India helicopter from the Maldives is a major setback for India’s military and diplomatic policies.

He said that it clearly shows that India is not able to face China in this area.
Earlier, the East African country has shocked the Seychelles India. The Seychelles had accepted India’s offer on one of its islands in which it was meant to build a military base, but now the Seychelles rejected India’s offer.

India wanted to increase its presence in the Indian Ocean by creating a military base in Seychelles.

Seychelles had a lot of controversy about India’s proposed military base. Opposition was strongly opposing the military bases in Seychelles.

Seychelles President Danny Foucé is on a tour of India. He has said clearly that a case of developing a military base is not included in bilateral talks with India.

In the countries of the Indian Ocean Islands, Maldives is the only country which has not visited Narendra Modi during the last four years.

Modi’s Maldives tour canceled
In March 2015, Modi had to go to Maldives, but the tour was canceled after India’s pro-party leader Mohammad Nasheed was put in jail.

The Maldivian Independent has written that the wall of the wall has also grown between the relations of the citizens after derailing the political relation of both.

Visas of Indians who worked in the Maldives in large numbers were not renewed. The newspaper says that Maldives needs laborers, but President Yameen does not want Indian to come.
Despite this, India supported the Maldives as a temporary member by opposing Indonesia in the United Nations Security Council.

After all, why is not India invading aggressively against the Maldives? Many analysts believe that India’s imports of oils through the sea route only comes through the Maldives. In such a way, India can not completely ignore it.

Although the support of India in the race for the temporary member of the Security Council, the Maldives had to face a lot from Indonesia. After this step of India, it seemed that the relations between the two countries would improve, but this does not seem to be happening.

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had canceled the visit to Maldives in March 2015, then it was known that bitter relations between the two countries have increased.

How did India’s friend Maldives come closer to China?

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In July 2015, the Maldives made amendments in its constitution to create land for other countries in the Maldives.

After this step of the Maldives, India’s fears deepened that China can develop strategic bases in this country of islands.

In April 2016, Maldivian President Mohamed Yameen visited India and there were many agreements between the two countries. However, the snowfall on the two countries’ relations did not melt with this tour.

If China takes its foot in the Maldives, then it will come closer to India more geographically. Along with this, the Maldives is near the international sea route and India imports oil from this route.

If the Naval Base is made in China in the Maldives, then the danger will be increased in terms of India’s security.

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