What’s changed in North Korea after Kim-Trump meeting


Signals of change on North Korea’s streets have started to appear.
In recent months, the world’s most isolated country, North Korea has softened its propaganda campaign.

In posters and banners planted in Pyongyang and other cities, America was shown as an imperialist attacker and South Korea and Japan as its allies.
But in the recent past, people of North Korea are claiming that this has now been replaced by economic development and Korean reconciliation in the paintings (mural painting), advertisements, signals and posters made on the walls.

The changes do not end here.

How did North Korea do the whole game in its favor
Such is the world within North Korea …
Now what will happen to North Korea’s nuclear weapons?
Many analysts believe that the North Korean media who are under the control of the government have also changed their tunes.

How did North Korea change
So, now America is not being shown as an enemy in North Korea?

Access to the information of most populations of North Korea is very limited. Therefore, the influence of public media and propaganda people here is more than any part of the world.
These posters were usually seen in North Korea.
Traditionally, America has been shown as the enemy number one. Propaganda has been told how North Korea will respond to the US invasion. North Korean missiles and impenetrable military forces have been seen attacking the invaders.

For decades, these posters have kept people’s faith in people and people’s confidence in their leader. It was told to the common people that giving life in the battleground is the biggest contribution of the country.

Andre-Abraham, of Griffith University in Australia, says, “Posters giving strong messages to North Korea are imposed only when things are not doing well at international level.”

In such a situation, when it is positive, Propaganda will also be soft and now it seems that the time for North Korea is going well.

Trump asked, you were going to ruin North Korea.
Do not Trust the USA North Korea: Iran
What will change in North Korea after the US ban is lifted?
After months of war battles, North Korea, South Korea and the United States have been able to hold a historic conference, and even if he promised to leave right and wrong in his own language, leave his prized nuclear weapons and work for peace. .

The change in Propaganda is not limited to just the capital Pyongyang.

Guide to foreign tourists explains that there is a different change in the language of propaganda.

Now, instead of aggressive language, the emphasis is on positive messages. In April, Kim Jong Un and the South Korean leader Moon J. The Panamunjom Declaration signed between them is now being seen in the works.

Young Pioneer Tours manager Rowan Beard told the news agency Reuters, “Usually anti-American posters in Kim Il Sung Chowk and in the stores are now disappearing, and in North Korea, I have been working for five years. The posters have disappeared. ”

New promotion
Older posters have been replaced by new posters. But in proxy propaganda, they are not less than the earlier posters.
The integration of world peace and Korean has been shown in these posters.
However different time has been shown in these posters. The union of Korean Peninsula, economic development and scientific achievements have been shown in this.

“North Korea needs peace and tranquility, and such posters help to create it,” says Fyodor Tehrstki, a journalist with NK News.

Not only that, the anti-American content that is being sold to tourists is also changing now.

Now here you can not buy postcards or labels of North Korean missiles that attack Washington.

The country’s main national newspaper Roadong Cinnamoon also shows a change in the national policy.
Scientific achievements and peace have been given importance in new posters
Change media also
There is no independent press in North Korea. The government has strict control over all types of media and the Government keeps a close watch on every material that is published or transmitted.

Generally, anti-American news stories are published in this newspaper. Articles are written on America as an enemy and on its role in conflicts such as the Syrian war.

But before meeting between American President Donald Trump and Kim Jong, on June 12, the newspaper changed its tone and stopped criticizing the United States.

During the conference, Kim Jong was shown as a world leader in the newspaper and there was no mention of the tension between America and North Korea. Photos of Trump and Kim meeting were published.
Peter Ward, an analyst with NK News and North Korea Affairs expert, says, “Now, in North Korea, America is being shown as a common country. All the acts of America, which are considered hostile to North Korea, are now referencing newspapers Is missing. ”

This week, the US resigned from the United Nations Human Rights Council. According to Peter Ward, this news was printed with neutrality in North Korea’s newspapers.

He says, “This is new thing, in general, positive or neutral coverage in North Korea is done only by those countries which North Korea considers its friend.”

But no one is convinced of the fact that this change in North Korea’s tone is only for some time or it is permanent.

The question arises that beyond posters and banners, what will be the change in the lives of common North Korean people?

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