What will happen by setting AC at 24 degrees?

_102206694_01-6.png‘Summer is very much, let’s run on 18!’ After the scorching heat of May-June or after the rain, there is no work without the air conditioner in North India, including the Humidity, Delhi of July-August.

There was a time when discussions about raising a rich man when his house was started, but now it is common to hang out outside the windows.

But these days they are in discussion for some other reasons. The news was that AC will not be able to run below 24 degree Celsius.

This is half truth. Complete that the Ministry of Energy has advised that the default setting of AC should be kept at 24 degree Celsius so that energy can be saved. Ministry of Energy says that awareness campaign will be run and feedback will be conducted for next six months.

If everything is okay then setting AC to 24 degrees can be made mandatory. The ministry claims that it will save 20 billion units of power in a year.

Minister of State for Energy, RK Singh, tried to explain the whole matter.

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“Saves 6% energy by increasing the temperature of 1 degree C in AC. Setting the minimum temperature to 24 degrees instead of 21 degrees will save 18% of the energy.

The energy minister said that in order to keep the temperature low in the room the compressor has to work harder and instead of setting it at 24 to 18 degrees, it is not as if the temperature is so low.

Why scourge for the AC ?

But what is the whole matter? Can any government really decide on which temperature will we run? And what is the benefit if even this happens? Does nature have some advantage over the high temperature of AC?

Program Manager, (Sustainable Studies) in the Center for Science and Environment, Awkik Somvanshi told the BBC that the government wants to try it out.

One reason for the heat rise, the cooling air conditioner

Winter pollution in the summer of Delhi, what is the Majraara?

In this case, the companies making the AC can be told that they keep the default settings of AC at 24 degree. At present, the AC companies keep the temperature between 18 and 26 degree Celsius.

He said, “If the matter is formed, then the AC which will be made in the AC will have a temperature of 24 degree Celsius, which the customer can do more or less when needed.”

According to Somvanshi, this significant decision can be proved in terms of energy conservation and nature defenses.

“Actually, the temperature of the AC room is not made to take up to 18 degrees. What happens is that the temperature of AC is set to 18-20 degrees Celsius and people do not even accuse of changing it. If they do this, they do not have much an affinity, they eat more power. ”

Does AC show the truth?

“And you will be surprised to know that when the AC temperature of the board is 18 ds. If the room is showing, then the room temperature is not so much. ”

And this is not the first time to decide the temperature of AC. This is also in other countries of the world. It has been fixed at 28 in Japan, 25.5 in Hong Kong and 24 degrees in the UK.

‘Due to the heat causes children’s results’

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But this was the talk of the new AC. What about the millions of old ACs, who are already in the houses, Somvanshi said, “The statement from the Ministry of Energy does not say anything but the gesture is also on the side that the current AC temperature should be 24 or more Will be encouraged. ”

The Center for Science and Environment says that the new proposal of the government has got green signal from the AC companies, but the efforts to set the default temperature for AC are from 2016, they have also been opposed.

According to the CSE, BEE had earlier proposed that the AC temperature was 27 degrees Celsius on the AC switch. The companies said that if this happens the customer will have trouble and he will have to change it every time he turns on AC.

In the National Building Code (NBC) Central Air Conditioned Builders, which sets the Indoor Confert standard for all buildings in the country, the temperature of AC can be kept at 23.5-25.5 degree Celsius, while in the cases of AC in the houses it can be up to 29 degrees. .

Which temperature is correct?

Japan has been running a campaign since 2005, in which companies and common houses are encouraged to keep the temperature of AC at 28 ° C.

It also has standards set in California, USA, where summer can not keep temperatures below 25.6 degrees Celsius. In the world’s renowned Harvard University, it is said to keep 23.3-25.6 degrees Celsius, then there are instructions for keeping the London School of Economics around 24 degrees Celsius.

According to CSE, the AC actually holds 80% of the electricity bill of a family. According to the study, the electricity used in Delhi in summer months is to keep more than half the houses cold.

Actually, electricity is used to run air conditioners. This extra power is making our environment more hot. Environmentalists say that 16 of the 17 years since the year 2001 are more hot.

In this case, the demand for the air conditioner is not a matter of surprise. According to the International Energy Agency, the energy used to run the air conditioner by 2050 will be tripled in today’s match.

This means that by the year 2050, air conditioners worldwide will consume billiards as much as US, EU and Japan do in the present time.

An earlier study of CSE said that when the outside temperature reaches 45 ° C, then AC 25% of the 5-star rated power accounts and its cooling capacity falls to 13-15 percent.

Ac versus cooler

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But does heat run away? When it was asked from Awakal Somvanshi that the heat coming from AC also enhances the temperature of nature, he said, “I do not remember such a precise study. But there are many such research that says that AC house removes heat from outside. It does not end heat, but rather changes its place. ”

On the other hand, different technology works in the case of dessert coolers. The cooler takes hot air, moves inside it, with the help of water cools down the same air and then throws it out.

Somvanshi said, “There is a problem with the cooler that there is no star rating system with them in India, as in the case of AC or wing.”

There is a lot of heat in India, so people living here also have the ability to withstand that heat. In such a situation, running a AC on 18 or 20 can not be given a general requirement.

He said, “Some countries of Europe are like this, where if the temperature crosses 28 degrees, then it is said that summer has broken all records. Whereas 40 degrees in India is also normal. ”

But can it be dealt only by heat on the use of AC or cooler? Knowledgeable experts point out that there is a big problem in India that the materials used to build buildings and their design are heat-enhancing.

Somvanshi said, “Most of the houses here are made of concrete. The houses are almost because the population density is high. Apart from this, while building the building, attention to ventilation is not given. This is the reason that even in the night the house is not cold. “

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