US Supreme Court justified Trump’s travel bans

_102213336_668d85a3-b323-4646-a2e1-5a4af7978ac2The American Supreme Court justified the Travel Bans of Donald Trump Administration, imposed on the arrival of citizens of many Muslim countries in America.

Earlier, the lower courts had termed the Trump administration’s decision as unconstitutional. But the Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the trial court’s decision to turn down the lower court’s verdict by 5-4.

Judge John Roberts has said that the decision of trump to allow citizens of Muslim-majority countries not to come to the United States is entirely in the official realm of the President.

‘Now tell us nothing’
He wrote in his decision, “The government has given enough evidence and arguments in view of national security in favor of this decision. We have nothing to say about this policy now.”

Pakistan is not in the list of US travel bans
‘I am a Muslim and I will keep voting for Trump’
‘World’s notorious trump is not in India’
Omar Jadhav, director of the Overseas Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), described this decision as “very big failure” of the Supreme Court.
He said, “The court has failed today, today the people had the most need of it. We want to clear it completely in front of our elected representatives – if you do not have any steps to cancel the travel ban decision of Trump If you are raising, you are not supporting the basic principles of this country, that is freedom and equality. ”

Trump happy on the verdict
Most people in Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen were barred from entering the travel bans.

The trump administration’s decision was condemned by refugees and human rights organizations.

The Trump Administration had made several amendments to the travel ban. Earlier it was included in Iraq and Chad, but later these countries were removed from this list.
US President Donald Trump has expressed happiness at the Supreme Court’s decision.

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