US envoy Nicky Haley on the tour of India, what is the agenda?

_102219328_hi046309122.jpgUS envoy Nikki Haley is on a three day visit to the United States.

Nicky Haley is a person of Indian origin who has reached the highest position in the US administration. Nicky Haley is from the American Sikh family who reached America from Ambala in India.

Not enough information has been given about the agenda of 46-year-old Nikki Haley’s visit to India, but it is believed that she will talk to senior officials of the government and she may meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The US Foreign Ministry has also not released more information about the objectives and agenda of Nikki Haley’s visit to India.

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Which issues are possible to discuss
Professor Muqtter Khan, expert of international affairs, says, “Nicky Haley is America’s ambassador to the United Nations, and India does not come in their area, so this journey is considered as a courtesy visit.”

But in recent days, the issue of import duty, visa and migrants between India and India is hot.

Professor Khan says, “Iran is the issue of the nuclear deal in which perhaps India maintains relations with Iran, matters of business tax in the United States also affect India and the changes in the laws of Hb1 visa in the US are also made by Indians Nicky Haley may try to solve these issues. ”

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The issue of migrants in the US is hot at this time. The issue of HB1 visa has affected the Indians. As per the new rules, the spouses of working people living with this visa in India will no longer be able to work, they could first do it.

It is not easy for Indian students to come to America now because the anti-migrant feelings are increasing in America. It is believed that Nicky Haley can also negotiate these issues. Although this is not fixed right now.
What is the agenda?

In recent months, the US has come closer to the international level. Nicky Haley favors the United States on behalf of the United States.

Professor Khan believes that Nikki Heli’s agenda may also strengthen the relations of America, India and Israel.

Professor Khan says, “America has taken an open stand on Israel these days and has moved its embassy to Jerusalem.” The United Nations Human Rights Council has also been out of the United States because of its continued criticism. Relations between India and Israel have also been strengthened in four to five years, Modi and Hindutva supporters in America’s lobby in America and in the last few years A. The lobby has grown into Washingt. Indian lobby that access is enhanced through the Israeli lobby. ”

Professor Khan says, “The mutual relationship between the Indian lobby and the Israeli lobby in America has already been improved and its reach has increased in the US administration.” Nicky Haley is seen as an emerging star of the Republican Party in America. In the next presidential election, the Democrat party picks up a woman, then Republicans can make Nicky Haley as a candidate, in such a way that the Israeli lobby Enhancing relations with North Indian lobby is extremely important. ”

He explains, “The American lobby in the US provides financial support to the Republican election campaign. Maybe Nikki Haley’s personal agenda may be to strengthen its hold in these lobbies.”

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Rancor to with  Iran
But there is also a complexity about Iran in the relationship between India and the United States. While the US has gone out of Iran’s nuclear deal and has imposed stringent economic sanctions on Iran, India still looks towards Iran for its fuel needs.

After the US sanctions on Iran, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj had said that India would accept the restrictions imposed by the United Nations, not the restrictions of any particular country.

Not only this, Sushma Swaraj met Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif, who came to India last month. Zarif believed India’s cooperation in protecting Iran’s nuclear deal.


Raveesh Kumar

EAM @SushmaSwaraj welcomes Foreign Minister of #Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif in New Delhi ahead of the delegation-level talks. Our relations with Iran is unique and historical and we have great relationships to this relationship.

7:00 pm – May 28, 2018
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In such a way, persuading India on Iran’s issue would not be easy for Nikki Haley.

Professor Khan says, “India is not with the US about Iran, the relations of India are far more than the Arabs because Indians work in these countries in large numbers and send billions of dollars annually to India. Therefore, it is very important for India to maintain relations with the countries of the United States and Middle East. ”

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