The unique move of Iranian fans to stop Ronaldo


In the FIFA World Cup played in Russia, Portugal’s star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has given his team 4 points in two games, but his team still has not reached the knockout stage and on Monday it is facing Iran.

In the Mordovia Arena of Sarans, Portugal will face Iran in their final league match, and if Iran overturned Portugal by defeating Portugal, Ronaldo’s team’s journey could end in the first round.

Portugal defeated Morocco in their first match. This was followed by a draw with Spain at 3-3.

The main thing is that from now on, four goals from Portugal have come out of Ronaldo’s kick. That is, the invasion of Portugal is entirely dependent on Ronaldo. The defending line of Portugal has not been very difficult for opponents, and Spain has made three goals to prove that it can be easily penetrated in the wall of Portugal.

Messi is finally missing the World Cup?

Ronaldo won this big award by defeating Messi
In this way, preventing Ronaldo is an important part of the rival team’s strategy. Perhaps the reason for this is that fans of Iran created unique strategies to harass Ronaldo before the match.

A large number of Iranian fans gathered outside the hotel where the team of Portugal had been stunned and began drumming with drums and singing songs.

Ronaldo’s appeal
A video is being shared on social media, in which Ronaldo appears in front of the window and is showing signs of giving gold to the Iranian fans. In Iran, many people have criticized the noise makers on social media and have said that this was not the right way.
Iran’s strong side is its defense and Ronaldo can be very difficult to get into it.

Talk of statistics, Iran’s team has not scored any goals in the matches played against Portugal in the World Cup so far.

Earlier, in the World Cup, Iran and Portugal have faced each other once, in Portugal, it won 2-0.

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