Social-fake ‘Katju’ wanted to cheat Taslima Nasreen

_102203262_tasleemakatju.jpg‘Transfer money to the account, there is an emergency.’
‘Your bank account has been blocked. Give details.
‘Your bucks will be doubled. Tell your ATM PIN number. ‘
Email, Facebook, SMS or Phone Calls. You may also have received some such messages.

People trying to make money with banking details or money transfers attempted to make the writer Taslima Nasrinas their victim. And more interestingly, the name is used in this fraud, former Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju.

Taslima Nasreen shared a screenshot of the mails sent by Markandey Katju’s ‘e-mail id’ on Twitter.

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taslima nasreen

. @ mkatju is it you?

10:13 pm – 25 June 2018
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Posted by Twitter @taslimanasreen

What is written in the mail?
‘Taslima Nasreen, hopefully you will be good. I do not know whether you are in India or outside. I need your help. I’m not available on the phone right now. If you can answer me on e-mail, it will be good. ‘

Illustrating this e-mail from Katju’s side, Taslima answers – Really? Please tell me what I can do for you.

Now this mail brings another email to Taslima.

‘Rejoiced to read your e-mail. I am still struggling with network problems on the phone. I am out of town now in Nepal Right now, I found out from one of my relatives that her daughter is undergoing surgery. But they have lost money.

Sorry to disturb you. But nothing can be done for help now The hospital says that after transfer of funds to the bank account, further treatment will be possible.

I tried to do transactions from my internet banking several times. Since maybe I’m out of India, these transactions are failing.

I request you to transfer this fund from me. When I return to India the next week, I will give you the money. If you can help me in this matter, then you will send further details.

Need surgery for 93,800 rupees. But you are requested to transfer one lakh rupees. Please tell me what can you do to help me? ”

Taslima Nasreen shares screenshots of these mails on Twitter and asks Katju whether it is you?


Markandey Katju
@aslimanasreen: It is fake account. But how are you being taslima? I have always considered you as a brave person for writing truth about atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh in Lajja. But regarding religion please reconsider ur views I am an atheist, but I believe religion

7:58 pm – 25 June 2018
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Katju replies on this taslima tweet, “This is a fake account.” After this Katju praises the writing of Taslima.

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How to Avoid Bank Fraud?
Messages or calls from your bank will come often from the bank. Through these calls, it is said from the bank that beware of such banking fraud. Do not share your bank account details with anyone.

But where there is money, there are thugs. These thugs are ambushing from online shopping, banking transactions to social media.

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