Senior BJP leader has given resignation by telling situations like emergency


In Rajasthan, the ruling BJP in preparation for the assembly elections has been shocked by the resignation of senior leader Ghanshyam Tiwari.

In the presidency  of RSS nurtured and favored  tiwari ,  broke his old relationship from years with BJP saying that the country and region are living in undeclared emergency.

The ruling BJP has tried to reduce the importance of Tiwari’s resignation by saying that it will not make any difference.

Tiwari, who was six times MLA and twice the minister in the state, raised the stairs of politics in the midst of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, BJP’s patriarch of Rajasthan, and then emerged as a vocal opponent of chief minister Vasundhara Raje in the ruling BJP.

Tired of the slogan of Tiwari in the country after the Emergency: “Sangh has been banned, the lion has lit a lion.”

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‘The situation in India is not less than the emergency’

He was in prison for the Emergency, but now the RSS volunteers separated from BJP saying that the situation in India is not less than the emergency.

He says, “Emergency was declared, now is an undeclared emergency, the media is closed and the judiciary is under pressure.”

Ever since, former minister Tiwari tried to become the Brahmin face of BJP and advocated reservation for the poor community of the upper classes. Now they are challenging the ruling BJP and opposition Congress by forming a new party named Bharat Vahini Party.

Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria, who is his hiker in this long political journey, told the media, “Tiwari’s departure will not make any difference in the party.”

In the BJP government, Minister Anita Bhadle said, “Tiwari favors firasosh.”

But Tiwari says, “The central leadership of the BJP led the main opposition in front of Chief Minister Raje, Rajasthan has been plundered and Congress has proved to be a failure in the role of the Opposition, so I have brought a meaningful alternative to the state. ”
Expressed sadness on separation from BJP
With the formation of the BJP government in Rajasthan, Tewari was counted among the few elected leaders who opened the front against the Chief Minister.

Recently, when the court issued an order to vacate the bungalows from the former Chief Ministers, Tiwari made it an issue and targeted Chief Minister Raja. They said that Raje should go to the designated house for the Chief Minister.

Tiwari was asked why he does not talk to the BJP high command?

He said, “The High Command heard and believed that there is huge corruption in Rajasthan, but in the end, the central leadership of the party proved to be weak and helpless in the case of Rajasthan.”

Tiwari says that his new party will contest elections in all 200 assembly constituencies of the state.

An observer, who knows the state’s politics, says, “These initiatives of Tiwari can influence the Brahmin votes, it can also damage the Congress and also for the BJP. But it is certain that this has badly damaged the BJP’s decision. . ”

Breaking away from the BJP for years, Tiwari wrote an emotional letter to the party chief, Amit Shah, and said, “At the age of six-seven years, I joined the Sangh and then got elected for the third year, from the student council to several cultural organizations. After living with such a long time, I am deeply troubled to be separated now. ”

Indira’s Emergency, Advani’s fears and JP’s struggle

Tiwari chose to sign on June 25 for his resignation. That day, in 1975, there was an emergency in the country. Tiwari says the situation has now become the same again.

TIwari says, “Earlier, a section of central leadership had compromised corruption in Rajasthan and now the party high command has kneeled.”

Says political observers, “It is surprising that Tiwari has long been vocal against the BJP government of the state, but the party did not show him the way out. Instead, the party gave Tiwari the opportunity to resign himself.”

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