Saudi Arabia: Got the steering wheel but these five rights are not even today


In the last few days, there have been many such news stories in Saudi Arabia that give them some freedom about the change in the rights of women.

The women here first went to the stadium to watch a football match.

Women were told that they can now join military and intelligence services (but not in the role of war).

The women there participated in the first cycle race. And now the ban imposed on the much-anticipated driving has also been lifted since June 24.

Although Saudi Arabia has issued the first driving license for women here, but some women rights activists who have campaigned for more equality with men last month were “concerned with foreign forces” and “making the country unstable” Was arrested in suspicion of being involved in the attempt.

History made by Saudi women in football match

Saudi women accused of ‘foreign forces’
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Men’s domination
32-year-old Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the heir to the throne in Saudi Arabia, had said that he wants a return of liberal Islam under the plan to modernize the country.

These decisions to give women rights are part of their ‘Vision 2030’.

But senior researcher Jane Kinninnont in Chatham House found in his study that these measures made at the end of 2017 do not match with political liberalization.

Saudi Arabia is among the most banned countries on women’s rights. It is ranked 138th in 144 countries in World Economic Forum’s World Sexx Index.

There are many things that women can not do in this highly orthodox country even today.

Women will now be in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Princess on the cover of Fashion Magazine
Women in Saudi Arabia got the right to vote only two years ago
Let’s see the five things which women can not do here today:

1. Opening of bank account
Women in Saudi Arabia can not open a bank account without the permission of their male guardian.

This is due to patriarchal order of Saudi Arabia.

Since its formation, Saudi Arabia has been inclined towards Wahhabi clan called Sunni Islam’s arch.

According to the Wahhabi clan, every woman has to be a male guardian who will take their important decisions.

Many female rights groups, including the Human Rights Watch organization, have criticized this guardian system. Human Rights Watch said that under this arrangement, women become “legally minor” who can not take their own decisions.

Saudi Arabia will spend billions of dollars on entertainment

Where do women go to Haj at the forefront?
Women in Saudi Arabia must have permission from male guardian to go abroad
2. Getting Passport (or traveling abroad)
This is another example of parental arrangement.

According to this it is necessary for the consent of the male guardian to make a passport for Saudi women or to leave the country.

This arrangement for taking consent from the guardian is also related to other aspects of women’s lives, in which it is applicable to work, study, even on some types of healthcare facilities.

In the form of a guardian, a woman’s father, brother or any other man can be relative, if the woman is a widow, in such cases, sometimes it may be her son too.

Why is the opening of the movies now Saudi Arabia

What’s changed with the arrival of Prince Salman in Saudi Arabia
3. Marriage or Divorce
It is also necessary to seek permission from the male guardian to marry or divorce.

If the son is more than seven years old and the daughter is nine years old then it is also difficult to take the custody of the child in the event of a divorce.

Here women depend on the mercy of their male relatives.

On the other hand, the guardians are independent about not allowing anything.

Women have complained about misbehavior on handing their salary to male guardians, preventing them from marriage or for forced marriage.

Saudi Arabia and UAE are no longer ‘tax free’

‘A man in Mecca started pressing my hip’
4. A Mug Coffee with Male Friend
Women in Saudi Arabia’s restaurant are not allowed to sit with their male friends.

All restaurants serving food for men and women are divided into two parts.

Meaning, there is a arrangement for sitting in different parts for family and single (this means man).

And all women have to sit in the family part.

The country where prisoners have freedom!

In what situation are those fierce fighters of the Islamic State
5. Favorite Wearable
Women in Saudi Arabia do not need to cover their faces in public places, but it is important for them to wear loose and full-body ‘Abaya’.

The religious police, ie ‘Mutava’ takes action against women who do not follow this rule.

Some shopping centers have special floors where women can remove their ‘Abaya’.

In the beginning of this year, a religious leader had said that women should not wear ‘Abaya’, this statement can help in the law in the future about ‘Abaya’ in Saudi Arabia.

However, the laws of this country are flexible due to non-Saudi women’s dress codes.

If they are not a Muslim then covering  hair is not necessary for them.

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