Mexico: All the police worker arrested of one city


In the city of Ocampo in Mexico, the entire police chief has been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the murder of a Mayor candidate.

An anonymous family member of Fernando Angels Juárez was shot dead outside his home on Tuesday. He was 64 years old.

There are general elections to be held in Mexico since July 1. More than 100 leaders have been killed here before this.

Angels is the third leader, who has been murdered in the state of Mitchoa in the last one week.

After the murder, the Federal Police arrested the 27 police officers of the city and the local secretary of public security.

Angels was a successful businessman. He used to be interested in politics too. Earlier, he was planning to fight as an independent candidate, but later he joined Democrat Revolution, a major political party in Mexico.

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Police charges
Miguel Malagon, a close friend of Angels, told Ei Universal newspaper, “He could not see poverty, inequality and corruption, so he decided to contest elections.”

Ocampo’s security secretary Oscar Gonzalez is accused of murder. When the Federal Police of Mexico arrived to arrest him on Saturday, the local police officers stopped him.

After that, the Federal Police, who arrived with the force on Sunday, arrested the entire local police chief.

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Police personnel have been brought in the capital for interrogation by handcuffing.

The security secretary and the police are accused of having links with organized crime groups of the state.

The next week in Mexico, there will be elections for President, MP and Mayor.

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