Investigations: Why fake topper out from Bihar board

_102202367_index2.pngBihar’s education system is once again under the scanner. When the time of examinations and results comes, the reasons for the Bihar Board in the headlines of newspapers begin to be written in big letters.

This year, there was no question of being a ‘Flying Student’ of top-level examiner Kalpana Kumari, that another ‘feat of Bihar’ board came out. Kalpana himself had admitted that his registration was from Bihar, but he stayed in Delhi studying.

A school of Gopalganj has detected more than 42 thousand answer papers of the matriculation exams disappeared. This case came up when the board staff reached the school to take 12 answer papers. The re-verification of these answer books was to be.

School Principal Pramod Kumar Shrivastav filed an FIR in Gopalganj on 18th June. The principal of the school was called in Patna to inquire into the Bihar Board’s office when he was unable to answer the questions’ satisfactorily, he was arrested there.
In 2015, this picture of misconduct in the examination had falsified the Bihar government in the country and the world.
The school principal told the local media that all the answer books were kept in 213 sacks after the investigation, which disappeared from the school, now the police has formed a Special Investigation Team.

Copies of Nawada and Tenth students of other districts were checked in Gopalganj. The surprising thing is that more than 42 thousand sheet sheets kept in 213 sacks disappeared and the school administration did not even know about it.

According to the reports printed in the media, where the sheet of the sheet was kept, the lock of the room was not broken or the marks of the burglar were found.

Later, in police investigation, it was found that all these copies were sold at night in a kabadi shop for Rs 8,500.

Highest spend on education
Opening the poles of education system is not the first incident. Board examines every year during the examinations.

Bihar spends a major portion of its total budget on education compared to other states. A budget of Rs one lakh 76 thousand 990 crore was presented in the Bihar Legislature this year, out of which about 32 thousand crores have been given to spend on education.

It is 18.15 percent of the total budget. Education Department in Bihar is considered as the most well known department. This is the reason that the department holds the ruling party itself.

In the government of Maha coalition, where both sons of RJD supremo Lalu Yadav were given the posts of Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister, Congress was given Education Department.
In the last 13 years, for the fifth time, Chief Minister has become Chief Minister. Since 2005, his party is in Bihar
Government claims and rights
In the year 2005, for the first time, ‘Vikas Purush’ Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of the state. Since then, in 13 years, they have been making promises and claims for improvement in education after one, but the poles of the system open only after the examination and its results.

About 12 lakh candidates were involved in this year’s 12th examination, of which about 5.6 lakh failed.

In the 12th year, only 47 per cent of the children could have passed. In the tenth, 50.12 per cent of the students had passed the examination.

Before that, the result of the year 2016 was not even better. In 2016, in the 12th, 68% of the children had achieved success and only 46.66% were successful in the tenth.

Is Bihar’s children not only to read?
Now the question arises, do not the children of Bihar do not read? This question I asked senior journalist Rinku Jha of Patna.

He said, “It is absolutely wrong to say that Bihar’s children do not read, a family in Bihar spend most of the time on the education of their children, and here children go to the corners of the country. Go to coaching or university, you will find the children of Bihar. ”

For almost a decade, the Rinku Resulting Reporting in the field of education considers the system of Bihar responsible for the decline in the system.

She says, “Bihar Board introduces new system a few months before the exams. Barcodeing of the internal sheet, changing the pattern of the question paper, the decision to take the examination on the OMR sheet, all this puts students in trouble. . ”

“In the government schools which do not have one computer, children are asked to take the examination on OMR sheet. Children do not know how to answer the OMR sheet.”

Rinku says that children come to tick instead of color correcting. Now the computer that examines OMR sheets does not check the answers like human brains, the result is that they fail.
Every year after the result, there are dozens of students performing outside the Bihar board, who have passed IIT interactions, but they are failed in the intervals.
Who is responsible?
Legislative council of the Bihar Legislative Council, Kedarnath Pandey also accuses Bihar Board of playing with the future of children.

He told , “Bihar Board is experimenting with the examinations and evaluation system, this experiment is akin to the future of children, and these experiments are being imposed on children, without talking to academics, teachers and parents.”

He says, “Children and parents have to suffer due to these decisions, it is a big fatality to apply a new experiment and apply it to children, all of which are happening on the order of the education department.”

On the allegations of Kedarnath Pandey, the BBC has asked the Bihar Board to respond by email, which has not been answered. We also contact the public relations officer of the board, but they did not talk.

How important is education in Bihar?
Bihar is the third largest state of the country in terms of the young population. There are 16.8 percent youth in this state with a population of 11 million. According to the state’s economic survey released this year, the population of 15 to 24 years is 1.75 crore.

According to the survey, the annual income of Bihar is 26,693 rupees, which is almost one-fourth of the national average, which is close to one lakh.

The situation here is not very good. In Bihar, only 1.5% of the country goes to the factory. There are 3530 factories in agriculture and non-agricultural based. Of these, only 2942 factories are operational, out of which 1.46 lakh people work, which is less than one and a half percent of the total population of the state.

What is the importance of education is revealed by these figures. There is a way to get education and prosperity for the people of the state. This is the reason that the poor guardians here sell their children and jewelery to give good education to their children.

Narayan Choudhury of Begusarai of Bihar is one of such parents. Narayan, who is associated with Scheduled Caste, says, “My thinking was that those who have suffered from me have not seen my children. All parents want their son to get better education and get a good job.”

Narayan sells toddy, he spends the education of his family and sons and daughters with him. He says, “How much is the income in the toddy, for the better education of the children, ever had to mortgage the loan, I had to borrow something, I was teaching the kids in some way. In between, Nitish Kumar had ban on toddy, At that time the economic situation had become very bad. The only dream is to become a big man by reading my sons and daughters. ”

What is the status of education in Bihar?
A son of Narayan is studying fashion design in NIFT in Kerala, the other has done the BTech. One of his daughters studied in Navodaya Vidyalaya. The poor condition of higher education in the state forces them to go out. Not just higher education, the situation of school education is not very good here too.

Nitish Kumar does not tire of claiming that during his tenure, enrollment rates of children in government schools have increased, but the question is whether they get better education there?

This year, the All India Topper of the Medical Entrance Examination (NEET), Kalpana Kumari had given the examination of the Inter-examination from Bihar Board, though she had to go to a private coaching institute in Delhi to prepare for the entrance examination.

In one video he reads himself out of acceptance. She was a student of YJM College of Shivarh district in twelfth.

Not just imagination, children who want better education have to face Delhi, Kota and other states.

Vikas Kumar Meghal, who works in the field of education, says, “It is compulsory for children to go out, government schools can not give them the atmosphere they want for competitive exams. Spends.”

“In the hope that their admission will be done in India’s finest engineering and medical colleges and they will be able to get a good job, parents also teach children to all kinds of problems so that their next generation will not be in the absence.”
How are the facilities and teachers of government schools?
According to the Government of India data, there are 8116 government schools in Class VIII to XII in Bihar where about 43 lakh students are studying.

There are 1.08 lakh teachers in the schools to teach them. Some of them are also teachers who do not have to write names in English for days and months. In their information Bihar is Delhi’s capital city.

Now imagine that children who want better education will study in Bihar and stay there.

In the first tenure of Nitish Kumar, teachers were largely reinstated. Recruits were done on the basis of degrees and marks. Planning units were created at many levels, where fictitious accusations were made. Many people were made teachers by taking bribes on the basis of fake certificates.

After disclosure, the investigation of the certificates of nearly three lakh teachers was given to the state’s Vijelans bureau. Thousands of certificates were found in the investigation.
After coming to power in the third after 2015, Nitish Kumar ran a credit card scheme after finishing scholarship scheme in higher education
How do you know how to organize education?
This is not the only picture of Firozwar in education. Remember that a few years ago, the picture of misconduct in the exam was a major headache in the media of the country and the world.

A decade after Nitish Kumar took charge of Bihar, this picture raised questions about his methodology and the ‘development with justice’ image. The government’s goodwill happened.

The series continued to move forward. Topper scam in the next year i.e., 2016 proved that there are no fake teachers in Bihar and fake toppers can also be made.

Arts examiner Ruby Rai of the Inter Examination, Science Topper Saurabh Shrestha, when the media asked some simple questions related to his subjects, he could not answer them. Ruby Rai had told her a favorite subject “Political Science”.

When the government was frustrated, investigations were carried out, in which the then chairman of the Bihar Board, from Laleshwar Prasad to the clerk of the board, was found involved in the scandal. Even the fraudulent formula of Bacha Rai was found in Bihar’s political parties. All of them were sent to jail.

Even in the year 2017, the Arts Topper Ganesh Kumar was found dead and this year’s board’s performance was in front of everyone.

Each year, the Bihar Board, which has been drumming every year, is stuck in a new controversy every time. After the exams and results, new scandals emerge. It shows that disorder and corruption spread throughout every step of teaching and teaching in Bihar’s education system.
Improvement measures
Sunil Re, former director of the research institute at Patna-based research institute AN Sinha believes that reform of Bihar’s education is not possible unless the responsibility is decided at all levels.

He says, “The government asked every teacher, professor and researcher what their output is, whether they are working according to the amount of salary they are taking in. There is a lack of teachers in Bihar, but what are they as good Are you studying? It should be monitored. Teachers should also decide their own responsibility. ”

Sunil Ray believes that education can not be improved till the finished corruption is over. Education is what can take on the path of progress of the state.

If the government runs the existing resources in a systematic way then the situation can improve.

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