Indian comedy is changing like that from Netflix and Amazon

_102195669_e55e523e-9e25-48ba-b6e5-a78281e292f5.jpgThe audience sitting in front of Kanan Gill standing on stage is laughing. Kanan is listening to the story when he went to a man for ‘handwriting analysis’.

Seeing his handwriting, a man said, “Sir, you are very naïve. They cheat easily.”

Kanan shockingly ask, “Yes, but how did you know?”

“Because you came to me.” The answer comes from there. ”

Hearing fountains are exacerbated by the audience listening to the story.

This is a small clip of Kanan Gill’s one hour long stand-up comedy. It was released in the year 2017 in the Amazon Prime Special.

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Kanan Gill is one of those Indian comedians who have made shows for international streaming sites.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video were launched in India in the year 2016 and soon after launch, they started giving platform to Indian stand-up comedians.

Thanks to YouTube, comedy in India was already painted. Stand-up comedians such as Zakir Khan and Kenny Sebastien, AIB and The Viral Fever (TVF) had mobilized millions of viewers on YouTube.

Subsequently, platforms based on subscriptions such as Amazon and Netflix opened new doors of prospects for the comedians.
Now uploading a 10-minute clip on YouTube is not the only option. Not only this, these platforms work for comedians and also raise production costs.

If they get the Amazon Prime Special platform, they can also make an hour-long show and try new ways of ‘humor’.

Respected Malik says, “I wanted a big piano in the background of the video and they arranged it.” He is the first comedian whose show was on Amazon Prime in 2017.

Famous comedian Zakir Khan says, “The show made on these platforms has brought us closer to Bollywood and cricket.” Zakir Khan told the BBC that in 2011 when he started the stand-up comedy, he did not have any idea that India could ever become such a big thing.

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Respected malik
Since launch, both Amazon and Netflix have been using the talent of Indian comedians a lot. At the same time, he is also taking advantage of the youth on social media.

In 2017, Netflix made a special comedy episode with Veer Das. The same Vir Das, one of India’s most famous and famous comedians. Not only that, Amazon Prime Video Launched Comedy Special with 14 Indian stand-up comedians.

Vijay Subramanian, director of Amazon Prime Video, says, “Indians love comedy and we have recognized this choice of our customers.”

Sapna Verma’s first comedy was released on Special Amazon. He says, “It has become a career goal for nowadays comedians.”
Sukumai Suresh’s comedy Web series ‘Pushpavalli’ was released on Amazon Prime in December 2017. Suktimi feels that the Indian comedy is now being reached in many countries of the world and hence there is a pressure to give better performance on the comedians.

She says, “It was great to have a first 10-15 minutes show. Today it’s important to have a one-hour solid script.

Amazon is about to release another Indian Comedy Special this year. Apart from this, Amazon is also organizing a comedy Talent Hunt Show so that new and young comedians can get a chance.

Netflix also recently announced that he will release two more live stand-up comedy shows with Veer Das.
A Netflix spokesman said in an email , “We have seen that comedy has become very popular in India and it shows that there is a special place for comedy in our Indian customers.”

Release of their special comedy shows for Indian comedians is like an emotional journey.

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