India is the most dangerous country for women: Poll

_102208362_203a58c8-9fff-41be-b085-f32897c195a9.jpgIndia is the world’s most dangerous country for women. This is stated in a poll of Global Export released on Tuesday. The results of this poll have revealed that India is at the forefront of sexual violence and making women a maid.

This poll has been done with 550 female experts working on women’s issues from Thomson-Reuters Foundation.

It was found in the poll that India is far behind war-torn Afghanistan and Syria in the case of women’s security. The most dangerous country for women is India and after that Afghanistan and Syria are. This is followed by Somalia and Saudi Arabia.

The National Commission for Women has dismissed the claims of the survey.

Rekha Sharma, president of National Commission for Women said that very few people had a stake in this survey, so it can not accurately assess the situation of India.

They said, “Indian women are very conscious, it can not be that we are the number one in the most dangerous countries for women. In countries where women are not entitled to speak in public, they were kept after India. is.”

According to news agency Reuters, the Indian Women and Child Development Ministry has refused to comment on the findings of the poll.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted the report, “Our Prime Minister is busy making videos of Yoga and on the other hand, India’s situation has become worse than Afghanistan, Syria and Saudi Arabia in the case of violence against women and rape. It is a matter of shame for our country! ”
Only in the Top-10 in the West, there was a United States. America is ranked number 10 in the list of dangerous countries for women. Pakistan is ninth in this list.

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In the year 2011, the Thomson-Reuters Foundation made the same poll. Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia were described as the most dangerous country for women in the outcome of that poll. But in the 2011 list India was not at the number one.

Experts say that the situation for women in India is worse than it shows that enough efforts have not been made to protect them.
After the Nirbhaya gang rape, once it was felt that the security issue of women in India is being seen as a priority in the country, but the results of the poll are seen in the opposite.
Government statistics show that between 2007 and 2016, there has been an increase of 83% in cases of violence against women. During this, a woman was being victimized every four hours.

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Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria, who are facing the tragedy of war for years, have been on top of poor health care and war related violence for women.
Experts say that there has been some improvement in recent days in Saudi Arabia, which is at number five, but it is a failure.

On the other hand, the #MeToo campaign is being said to be a major reason behind the arrival of America’s name in the first 10 countries.

Those who answered the questions of this survey included help workers, health workers, education sector specialists, NGOs working, policy makers and social issues knowledgeable.

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