Girl doing jogging enter in american border had to go to prison



A French girl turned out to jog on the shores of Canada on one evening, but due to crossing the border unknowingly, she had to spend two weeks in a detention center built for immigrants in the United States.

19-year-old Sedela went to British Columbia to meet her mother. On the evening of May 21, he came out to race on the coast. This coast connects the border of Canada and the United States.

Sedela Roman told the Canadian media that she had gone on the way from dirty to some distance and also took a picture of sea waves while returning.

Meanwhile, two policemen from the US Border Police station on the coast came there, they interrogated Sedela and then arrested him on charges of entering the Blan area of ​​Washington.

Sedela told Radio-Canada, “She started telling me that I crossed the border illegally while I told her that I did not do it deliberately.”

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Suddenly, this is a serious issue.

Sedela, a French citizen, felt that he would be left alone with warnings or more and more fines would be imposed.

Sedela says, “I did not know that she would put me in jail for this.”

US police officers took Sedela to Tacoma Northwest prison, located more than 220 kilometers in the south. This detention made for expatriates is privately run in the state of Washington.

Sedela realized the severity of the situation when he came to know that there is no identity card to prove his identity and there is only one pair of clothes that he was wearing.

Sedela told the CBC news channel, “He told me to take all the things including my jewelry, they searched my place, and then I realized that the matter is becoming serious, I started crying a little bit. . ”

They told that they were taken to a room where 100 people were already there.

Sedela told French news agency AFP, “We were always kept locked in the room, there were thorns in the courtyard, dogs were also there.”

“We used to try each other to help each other, people in Africa and many other places were closed, they were arrested because of the efforts to cross the border, seeing all these people, meeting them with me Experience got a new perspective. ”

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Road to such open release
Sedela got permission to contact her mother Christian Furness, after which her mother reached Washington’s prison with her passport and work permit.

Although the US authorities were not ready to release him until Canadian immigration officials confirmed the permission to return Sedela.

Both the countries finally got ready and Sedela could return to Canada 15 days later.
On the basis of official documents from American immigration and customs enforcement, the CBC Channel has confirmed the arrest of Sedela and later on June 6 returning to Canada.

Immigration authorities on the border of both the countries, refusing to speak anything on the issue, citing privacy.

A spokesman for customs and border security affairs in the USA said that if any person enters the border of the country other than the official routes, then it is considered to be a violation of the law and then the entire action is taken on it. .

He said in a statement, “This rule applies even when the person unknowingly crosses the boundary.”

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