Football World Cup: Spain’s goal on last minute rolled up to iran

_102201090_d527c5d8-5e4d-4c00-80a5-7ff23a672d39.jpgThe Football World Cup 2018, being played in Russia, is now beginning to enter its exciting phase. On Monday night, the two drawbacks were played in the light of the results, but their results cleared the position of teams reaching the ‘Group B’ knockout.

While Spain was in Morocco on Monday night, Portugal’s team was in front of Iran.

The first thing to do is play the match between Spain and Morocco in which Spain’s childhood survivor was defeated.

By the end, Morocco was leading 2-1 but Spain, with the help of VAR technique, in the time of injury, Spain’s Iago Espace scored the equalizer and brought his team to the top spot in Group B. Spain now faces Russia in the final 16.
Fantastic game of morocco
Taking advantage of the misconceptions between Andrés Iniesta and Sergio Ramos in the 14th minute of the match, Khalid Boutab of Morocco made his team a 1-0 goal ahead.

However, five minutes later, Iniesta scored equal goal for Spain.

But Morocco’s continued aggressive football continued, which forced even strong teams like Spain to be defensive.

In the 81st minute of the match, Yousuf N-Kansari of Morocco stopped the team from the Spanish team and his fans by scoring a brilliant header ahead of their team unexpectedly 2-1.

But in the last minute, EEGO’s goal gave Spain a respite and cleared the final round for him.

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Portugal v Iran
At the same time, the second match between Portugal and Iran also left at 1-1. This match was discussed in more detail for VAr, the technique used outside the field beyond the game played in the field.

Portugal, who were 1-0 ahead in the match throughout the match, had to score in the final moments of the match in the hands of Iran, and the match ended with a 1-1 draw.

In fact, Iran was given a penalty through a video review, taking advantage of it, it scored this goal in the last minute.
At the same time, the moment came in this match, on which millions of fans of Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo could not count. During the match, Portugal failed to convert the penalty to Ronaldo goal

Ronaldo was shown a yellow card in the match. By the way, he had the possibility of showing the Red Card but after using VAR technology for a long time he was shown yellow card.
From Portugal, Ricardo Querceda scored a spectacular field goal just before the first half ended.

With this draw, Iran is now out of the World Cup, while Portugal has entered the next round. Now in the last 16, it will be held from Uruguay on Saturday.

After the match, Iran’s players sat in a frustrated posture on the ground and many of their supporters were seen flowing through tears.
Iran supporters
In fact, if Spain does not score in the last minute against Morocco, and if he miss the match, then Iran would take the last four out of the match with the draw result of the match.

But on the one hand, Iran scored equal goals for Portugal in the last minute against Spain, against Spain, against the same opponents, the same goal goal was to give Iran the exit.

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