Emergency, when the fight had been fought with the edge of poems


In his novel ‘Midnight’s Children’, published in 1978, Salman Rushdie called the Emergency 19 months long.

Indeed, that night of 19 months has been the biggest dark of our democratic time. But, there were also many authors in this darkness who created their resistance in the morning and evening.

Bhavani Prasad Misra, Gandhian poet of Hindi, decided that he would write poems in the morning and afternoon every day in protest of the Emergency. He played his role as far as possible.

These poems later became part of a collection called ‘Trikal Sandhya’. The first poem in the collection is a sharp satire on the subject of Emergency-

The writer was not behind the opposition
Less writers and journalists did not do as much as the Emergency protesters did. Leaders also got rubbish in the later days.

Even today, in the days of emergency, they are increasing their stature by remembering the jail and their fiancé’s adventure, but the struggle that the world of the characters fought, in fact, saved that depth of our democracy – Have the ability to fight.
Senior journalist Kuldip Nayar
He also consumed the jail, used sticks and continued to oppose the Emergency. Journalists such as Kuldeep Nayyar and Girindra Rathi were jailed for 19 months in prison. The list of such authors-journalists is very big.

Phineeshwarath Renu also supported JP against the Emergency. It is true that in the later period, he also sharply criticized the people of JP’s movement. But, they remained against the Emergency.

Is it possible to become an emergency again in India?
Indira’s Emergency, Advani’s fears and JP’s struggle

The father of Nagarjuna Indu (Indira Gandhi) was not very convinced.
This poem, written by Nagarjuna in the same period, became very famous-

‘Indu ji, what has happened to you, has forgotten the father’

It is a different matter that Nagarjuna Indu ji’s father was not very convinced. Nagarjuna has written some of the poem poems against Nehru.

However, return to the emergency. In fact, Nagarjuna, who was ridiculed by the negligence of this emergency, wrote another poem-

‘Many dolls of a doll have life’

By the way Nagarjuna is not alone in the protest of the Emergency. There are more voices in front of them which are against Indira Gandhi’s dictatorship and remember JP.

Dushyant, who had developed a complete culture of Hindi Ghazals, wrote:

A doll has many puppets,

A shayari is surprised to see this spectacle,

An old man is in the country or say so,

There is a skylight in this dark room.

There is no need to say that in addition to joking about the puppets that were leaders around Indira, this poem is also a poem of hope from JP.

‘Sanjay Gandhi who used to give one day deadline’
The Decision That Changed India’s Politics

Dushyant Kumar is seen in many places in the heat of mass movement.
In fact, the heat which is seen in a place for mass movement in Dushyant, in which there is no direct reference to JP’s conflict, then it can be felt.

When he writes-

Then, in fact, he is expressing the feeling of a big mass movement.
Dharmaveer Bharati and Pushpa Bharati with their children
Embarrassment rounds in compositions
Dharmaveer Bharti, a well-known poet-writer of Dharmayuga, and a renowned poet of Hindi also wrote a poem in the days of emergency – Munadi This poem appears to have changed in the slogan of public resistance in the days to come. Poetry starts like this-

God’s world, Bashsha’s nation

Kotwal’s spade city …

Every common man is invited to

Stay tuned

And from inside your keys


Drop the windows screen

Do not send children outdoors


Old man

In your throats

The streets have come out speaking truth!

It is a long poem, but in this place there is a kind of turban in place of sentimentality which is usually seen in Dharmaveer Bharati.
Jai Prakash Narayan rally before the Emergency
Of course, the sparks of the era of emergency are seen in these compositions. This chain does not end here. In it, agnostic joins in its soft-spoken voice.

Apart from the authors, the painters also appear to be painting the canvas against the Emergency. The painting of Vivan Sundaram on the Emergency is noteworthy.

Advani’s work is famous on the writers and journalists in the Emergency that they were asked to bow down, they started crawling. This is a small truth. But, the greater fact is that the resistance of the Emergency continues at the level of writing and intellectual level.

If he had not been, then within a period of 19 months, Indira Gandhi would have not been overthrown in a democratic struggle like this.

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